back to article Biden administration restricts US investment in tech China's military might employ

US president Joe Biden on Wednesday issued an executive order restricting stateside investors from sinking their funds into Chinese firms developing certain technologies, as part of an effort to prevent such products being used by China's military. The order requires scrutiny of investments in Chinese companies that work on …

  1. s. pam Silver badge
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    But Apple will be ok

    Biden isn't stopping current investments, just new ones so companies like Apple can continue to ship in freighters full of cash!

  2. Claverhouse Silver badge

    You What ?

    "The EO follows the Biden administration approach to de-risk but not de-couple US-China economic, investment and trade relations."

    It's like he's speaking Greek.

    1. Binraider Silver badge

      Re: You Whar ?

      Not Greek at all.

      De-couple : move factory dependence out of China. As this is basically impossible across "everything", it is not a practical option.

      De-risk : try and de-escalate the political tensions China is stoking up (for reasons).

      And to be honest, this problem is not dependent on any one administration. It does not matter who occupies the White House or Congress with respect to what China decides to do.

  3. martinusher Silver badge

    Enhancing competitiveness?

    If you compare the two countries we've got one hand the US who's industrial policy seems to be coming up with ever more intricate and inventive ways of trying to 'stop China'. Meanwhile on the other hand we've got China that's just continuing to do what China does. Our western media machine will continue to blather on about 'dual use' and 'national security' and stuff but its really about trying to keep another nation down (and its been stated as such so why don't we drop the whole pretense -- and while we're about it the notion of 'tit for tat' -- we're creating the initiatives, not 'them').

    It won't work. Not only has it completely upended the build/buy tradeoffs of normal commercial activity but its given the Chinese nation something to focus on, a national purpose. Meanwhile as a US investor I have to keep my money locally in dodgy banks, dubious funds and whatever get-rich-quick scheme the financial sector is dreaming up this week (or rather -- "I have to navigate this minefield") because I'd denied investment in companies that are actually trying to do something rather than just shape and defend monopolies.

  4. PhilipN Silver badge

    "likely to increase tension"

    No s***, S****!

    In the context though, China must be satisfied in one sense that to get so far up Uncle Sam's nose they must be doing something right. Even without the "Designed in California" tag.

  5. CowHorseFrog

    Who needs enemies when you have American heroes sending technology and manufacturing for the past 50 year to China.

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