back to article Zoom updates its legalese explicitly promising not to feed vidchats to AIs

Vidchat and collaboration outfit Zoom has insisted it never intended to give the impression vidchats it hosts would be fed into an artificial intelligence model, after a delayed viral outrage to a March change to its legalese. On March 31 2023, Zoom updated its terms and conditions, with changes including Clause 10.4 titled " …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    How could they ?

    No, seriously. How can someone possibly imagine that taking video from professional customers, what with all the confidential details that inevitably are part of the conversation, and feeding that to a pseudo_AI is a good idea ?

    Zoom decided it wanted an AI (what on Earth for ?), and its managers looked and said, well we have this data (why do you have it ?), let's feed that to the monster.

    Zero thought, beyond here's a solution.

    That's not a brain fart, that's negligence, pure and simple.

    1. yayekit

      Re: How could they ?

      >Zoom decided it wanted an AI (what on Earth for ?)

      Video & audio compression algorithms enhancement, plain and simple.

      Basically, let the AI work out how to deliver a better picture, even on slow/limited connections, without having to do it themselves.

  2. SnailFerrous

    Enough data already

    Perhaps they already have enough training data from the months where their T&C's allowed slurping.

  3. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "Zoom has insisted it never intended to give the impression"

    Translation: "You weren't supposed to notice"

  4. Johnb89

    All you have to do is read the ToS EVERY TIME

    So they've changed it now because people noticed... the hacker news comments where the Zoom COO (IIRC) and CISO both chimed in is well worth a read.

    So a few weeks will go by and they'll change it back, and given that the ToS consent is presented when you are joining a call and thus don't really fancy reading the 38 pages or whatever, you'll click ok. And until there's another outcry because someone actually reads it again no one will know.

    Better to stop using Zoom.

  5. Nifty Silver badge

    Anyone thought about how Teams meetings transcripts are generated?

    1. Roland6 Silver badge

      By some person in an Indian call centre listening in and transcribing the conversations?

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