back to article IBM, NASA emit actual open source AI model – for grokking Earth satellite images

IBM and NASA have put together and released Prithvi: an open source foundation AI model that may help scientists and other folks analyze satellite imagery. The vision transformer model, released under an Apache 2 license, is relatively small at 100 million parameters, and was trained on a year's worth of images collected by …

  1. Jim Mitchell

    Wait, "Hugging Face"?

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Is there a secret Ripley admirer in the NASA ?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Hugging Face has nothing to do with NASA, it's a business which offers SaaS AI tools based on common AI models.

        The only connection to NASA is through Prithvi, which is just one of the many AI models available on HF.

  2. JamesMcP

    Good use for AI

    This is actually where I think AI is best used. Doing something that is too time consuming to ever consider doing by hand, even humans are doing some "well, that looks like wheat" guesstimates, and it provides a meaningful benefit that couldn't exist without it.

    Can this be used for evil? Probably. Pretty sure there's a way to make Nerf do evil. This at least is chock full of positives and you've got to work to make it bad.

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