back to article Qualcomm's great vanishing act: $2.48B of Q3 profit disappears

That long feted turnaround in the smartphone market isn't happening anytime soon judging by the latest financial results reported by handset CPU giant Qualcomm – profits plunged by almost 60 percent and more job cuts are looming. For Qualcomm's third quarter of fiscal 2023 ended June 25, turnover from sales dropped 23 percent …

  1. Bebu Silver badge

    AI hardware in the handset might be qualcomm's saviour

    Pretty obvious that the blight of AI/ML is going to insinuate itself into just about everything.

    I imagine chatgpt and its ilk are already phone apps but I can see a market for phones that could store self contained models for particular problem domains requiring the sort of AI accelerator hardware that qualcomm would make.

    I think I saw something not unlike this with a samsung phone fiddling with the photographs that it takes.

    The growth of the refurbished / second hand market for handsets is better news for the planet but the lack of critical updates for EOLed hardware is an unfortunate hinderance to even further growth.

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