back to article NASA and pals complete Artemis II recovery dress rehearsal

NASA has cleared another hurdle toward sending humans back to the Moon with the successful completion of its first Artemis II recovery test mission. Underway Recovery Test (URT) 10 saw NASA, the US Navy and US Air Force teaming up to test post-splashdown operations for the end of Artemis II's forthcoming lunar excursion. …

  1. Eclectic Man Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Successful test

    Looks like quite a thorough test, although the article did not say if the recovered members of the recovery team were wearing spacesuits, still thumbs ups and hope for a successful mission for Artemis III.

  2. ShortStuff

    Ha Ha .. Return

    You would have had to have gone there in the first place in order to "return"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Ha Ha .. Return

      Less than 10km from my house in Canberra there is a hill with a frikkin laser mounted on it (no sharks, sorry). The laser is pointed at the moon. Laser light reflects back to us from mirrors placed there *by humans* and that's how we can measure the exact distance between earth and moon. I've been up that hill and I've seen the laser beam myself many times. It's a faint green, in case you were wondering.

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