back to article Up to 40% of all Arm servers are deployed in China

Servers powered by Arm chips are on the rise, especially in China, where new figures estimate that 40 percent of Arm-based servers are now deployed. It has been a long journey for chip designer to get its architecture into datacenters, but new figures from Bernstein Research estimate that nearly 10 percent of servers across …

  1. James Anderson

    Pure Economics

    According to Wikipedia:--

    "Graviton offers 70% lower power consumption [12] and 20% lower price"

    So cuts the leccy bill by 2/3s. Win for AWS win for the Penguins and a win for the planet as a whole.

  2. druck Silver badge

    This would be great news for ARM, if their Chinese subsidiary had not gone rogue, are any profits being fed back to the parent company?

    1. pimppetgaeghsr Bronze badge

      I think that matter was resolved in the end. Although very little news came out about it and I suspect very little ever will.

  3. pdh

    Compared to what?

    OK, so "up to" 40% of the world's ARM servers are deployed in China. For comparison, and leaving aside the vagueness of the "up to" part... what percentage of *all* servers in the world are deployed in China?

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