back to article Hong Kong High Court declines to force Big Tech to ban protest song

Hong Kong's High Court has rejected a government bid to ban online dissemination of a protest song that is often mistaken as the Special Administrative Region's national anthem. The offending tune, "Glory to Hong Kong," emerged in 2019 during protests against a law that allowed Hong Kong residents be extradited to China. The …

  1. OhForF' Silver badge

    "Ironically, the publicity over this application has apparently generated additional interest in the song,"

    One Barbara Streisand could probably have provided some insight how lawsuits to hide things can have unintented consequences.

    1. Paul Herber Silver badge

      Power ballads corrupt; absolute power ballads corrupt absolutely

  2. IamAProton

    Changing the law in 3... 2...1

    The HK gov will probably do what they did when they found out they had no power to invalidate covid vaccine exemptions... they'll change the law overnight and pat themselves on the back because rule of law or something else about democracy

  3. Bebu Silver badge

    The pettiness...

    When Winnie-the-Pooh (or more properly E.E. Shepard's illustration) was outlawed in the PRC because of a more than a passing resemblace to their current chief poohbah I would have hazarded that the adults weren't in charge and those still on deck either weren't the brightest tools or playing with a full deck.

    Everything since including their handling of their coronavirus epidemic has only reinforced my surmise.

    As for the HK protest anthem its always going to be whack-a-mole - the protesters will ultimately use something else like the hymn Jerusalem ... perhaps not that. ;)

  4. Tron Silver badge

    The Streisand Effect is the Delilah Effect when related to songs, surely.

    quote: arouse anti-establishment sentiment.

    I do that every day. It improves my well-being and mental health, which the British government encourage us all to take time out to work on.

    Maybe folk could rent a room near Chinese embassies around the world and play this daily from the window. Perhaps put media players in 'weather balloons' floating across HK. We could have a 'click to play' button on every website. Mail a media player with GPS capabilities to the CCP so it starts playing when it arrives at CCP HQ. There's a Pi project for you all.

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