back to article Meltdown avoided: Intel rediscovers profitability

After racking up $3.5 billion in losses over the past two quarters, Intel managed to stanch the bleeding and return to profitability in the second quarter. The x86 giant managed to extract $1.5 billion in profit from $12.9 billion in revenues during the three months to July 1, sending its share price up eight percent in after- …

  1. quxinot


    Has a business ever created growth by cutting staff, budget, or output?

    Sounds like it's going backwards pretty fast still.

  2. leppy232

    I'm happy to know I'm helping...

    by not buying any of their products. I never have, but I made the conscious decision a couple years ago not to start. Hopefully we can get them sunk down below $5 billion. I'm not really happy with AMD's processor division either even if I do like how open Radeons are that they can run on POWER ISA or ARM or RISC-V computers without much issue.

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