back to article Hadar heats up race for better night-time computer vision, AV performance

A machine learning-assisted approach to thermal imaging could transform the night vision of autonomous vehicles and other nascent robots. The quest for driverless cars has hit some roadblocks, including efforts to get guidance systems to see in the darkness at night. Although thermal imaging has been around for decades, a …

  1. Brian 3

    I'm all for better Adult Video performance!

  2. CrackedNoggin Bronze badge

    Cutting cost per head by increasing passengers

    The greatest barriers lie in the cost of the equipment, and in hardware-level issues That's true just not for this heat perception and processing, but also good reliable quality cameras with quality lenses, lidar, and computer hardware. These are all per vehicle costs.

    If you are running a vehicle that is usually carrying 10 to 15 people, you are getting a cost savings of 80% per head over a vehicle usually carrying 2 or 3 people. A mega-rideshare-taxi/bus service would be really convenient in residential areas - a personal car wouldn't even be an absolute requirement as it is today even in most parts of most US cities.

  3. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Hooray for Magic AI

    Hooray for Magic AI, able to solve the single problem of attracting money from investors!

    This reeks of Theranos - claiming to convert a small amount of low quality information into a larger amount of higher quality information using AI. It defies information theory. I've also played with thermal cameras. There's a reason why they overlay contour lines from a visible camera. Unless you're looking for something very hot or very cold, all of the problems with visible light imaging are trivial compared to the problems with thermal imaging.

    You may have seen movies where an air conditioning hack incapacitates a passive thermal imaging security system. Yeah, that works, except nobody uses only thermal imaging for security systems. Jackets are invisibility cloaks too.

    1. Dimmer Bronze badge

      Re: Hooray for Magic AI

      I use a FLIR on my vehicle. It works amazingly well. I love to Freak out those Redneck truck drivers blinding me with all those massive led arrays when I go dark and drive by FLIR.

      Great for seeing stray black cows and pigs at night too.

      Does not work worth a crap when it is foggy or high humidity everything is the same temperature.

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Re: Hooray for Magic AI

        Way to overcomplicate things. Just eat carrots.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Read the underlying journal publications

      Looks like they are using additional information channels like polarization to feed the system, so this isn't magical movie zoom on grainy camera footage, it's using non-human eye visible information to adjust the picture, for small but useful net gains in visible image quality.

      Relax, no information paradox here. Though I do get the knee jerk reaction, as the movies love to create those kind of BS scenarios. Like the guys in facilites will be sitting on their hands as half the building raises itself to 98 degress to "blind" the motion detectors. Overused hack tropes.

  4. An_Old_Dog Silver badge

    HADAR-Equipped Automobile of the Future

    Kickin' back in my futuristic FSD- and HADAR-equipped auto ... *CRASH*

    Dashboard display: "User Error: you did not properly tune your HADAR for current environmental conditions. Insurance claim DENIED, sucka!"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Operator error

      Fools rush in where angels fear to tread... If you can't see where your car is driving, why would you assume it can see where your going. Could be off a cliff for all they know.

      At least the system has a small but real chance of kicking the emergency breaking and airbags up, so the only thing wounded is the poor fools pride.

      Now the phone companies utility box they hit, they might of hurt it's feelings.

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