back to article Quarter of tech pros say they're considering quitting jobs in next six months

A survey of 1,800 IT professionals and senior managers has found a quarter of tech workers in the UK are considering quitting their jobs in the next six months. The study, by security and service management software company Ivanti, found that IT professionals are 1.4 times more likely to "quiet quit" — soft-pedalling on the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Laid off last September; new role started in February at ~55% pay rise

    As per title. I had to interview solidly from October to December, getting offers in early January, but am happier than ever with the work.

    So I guess this comment is supposed to be some combination of: it can be a bit of a lift finding something, but there are good things to be found.

    1. Ace2 Silver badge

      Re: Laid off last September; new role started in February at ~55% pay rise

      Good for you!

  2. Ace2 Silver badge

    If any business actually thought this was a problem, they could perhaps address the disparity that seems to be everywhere these days: raises & promotions come at a glacial pace for internal folks, but competitive hiring is red hot. Why would I wait five years to be “eligible” for a promotion when your top competitor is offering me that promotion right now?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      As it has always been... sadly.

    2. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      >Why would I wait five years to be “eligible” for a promotion when your top competitor is offering me that promotion right now?

      what are you - some sort of capitalist ?

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Because you're a permie and you won't move because you're comfortable and you're worried that if you move to another job, you won't have the same number of years of service behind you and are thus a lot easier to lay off.

      There is nothing worse than being "comfortable" in a tech job, it's crippling...long term tech permies are like that old guy that left Shawshank and hung himself.

      1. FIA Silver badge

        long term tech permies are like that old guy that left Shawshank and hung himself.

        If you're hanging around in a job you don't enjoy for those reasons then I'd agree.

        I do think there's this idea in the tech world that you must move jobs every couple of years, and I'm not sure that works for everyone.

        If you're money focussed then it's probably the thing for you, but if you have a job you enjoy, it can be very rewarding to stay at the same place for a while, you can see large projects from inception to completion, and you can influence things for the long term.

        Also, if I have someone on my team that's happy and not planning on leaving, they will accrue product knowledge and will make decisions based on the long term, whereas a contractor, or someone who's planning to jump ship in a couple of years is much more likely to make decisions based on what's best for them at that moment in time.

        I remember a few years ago, a colleague showing me some Youtube videos of this guy he admired. He was espousing a new programming technique that he claimed allowed applications to be developed much more rapidly. He was also right, however what it didn't do was create applications that would be easy to maintain 5 or 10 years down the line.

        It was a video for contractors on how to be a good contractor, as you could go in and create a product quickly, get the kudos and recommendation, then several years later when it's become an unholy mess you're long gone.

        A system designed by someone with a longer term view won't have those problems, but may be more 'fiddly' at the start.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          "what it didn't do was create applications that would be easy to maintain 5 or 10 years down the line"

          Ah but you see, what happens is, a business will be happy to pay a premium to get an expert in to build an all singing all dancing new system...but they won't pay a premium for the same expert to maintain it, they'd rather hand it over to Steve in the basement...because he's way cheaper on his £30k salary and he's already there or Rakesh and his merry band of sweatshop workers in Bangalore because they cost a few pounds an hour...the latter is changing though, because Indian workers are waking up and realising they're being fucked and they're demanding more money...which is great for everyone because they get paid more, and us in the West can finally compete on quality as well as price...which means pretty soon we'll have the upper hand again...old Steve though, he's a problem...he'll never demand more money because he's happy to disappear into the company and take his middle of the road salary for an easy life...he's also happy that contractors come in to build stuff because he will always be able to pass the buck to the "fucking contractors" if the shit hits the fan.

          Contractors are only long gone, because a lot of businesses are too tight to keep them around, after a certain period of time, businesses get it into their heads that they're paying for nothing, so they axe the has nothing to do with the contractor wanting to fuck off on to the next job...I much prefer long term relationships as a freelancer than tarting around looking for the next job...but unfortunately, that's not the norm...I do have a few long standing clients that I've had for over 10 years, and those are valuable to me...but I usually have 9-10 other short term clients on the go as well that I know won't keep me past a certain point (usually 6 months) because of either a) they can't afford me or b) they're too cheap to keep me...they always keep my number though...just in case...and they always...*always* get in touch again eventually.

          These "crazy solutions built by contractors" are usually not difficult to maintain 5-10 years down the line if you've always had the appropriate expertise to maintain it over the 5-10 years...what typically happens is a business will get a contractor in to get the new "all singing all dancing" tech, ditch the contractor once it's built, run the "new" solution for 5-10 years, hand over maintenance to the internal sysadmins who will never patch it, never maintain it...then end up in a hole because their in house guys weren't, aren't and never will be capable of maintaining it, because they are sysadmins, not they hire another external expert again to build a new system 5-10 years down the line and the cycle repeats.

          The second most common situation is that the in house guys will have a crack at it themselves, but hit a wall...then get a contractor in to do it properly, who will discover that half the problem is the hardware that was purchased wasn't specced up correctly due to a toxic combination of aggressive bean counting and "sensitive" permies that don't push the contractor is left having to implement workarounds to shoehorn what they want into the crap they've bought that can sometimes be complicated to maintain or are just always going to be this situation you'll struggle to keep your contractor around because he doesn't need that shit in his life...he'd much rather spend his time looking after a solution on a better specced set of hardware that isn't going to get in his way...personally, as a freelancer I'd much rather look after a customer that has legitimate problems that need resolving than a customer that has shot itself in the foot not ordering enough disk capacity, under performing CPUs or RAM etc...these are problems that only money can solve and once business has spunked a wad on a load of kit, they aren't likely to spunk another wad on rectifying bad specifications because "well the documentation said the minimum requirements were X" amount of explaining will get them to understand "yeah, but that is for 10 users, you have 200 users"...especially when you have a "knows enough to be dangerous" in house permie contradicting the contractor because he feels threatened and overlooked.

          Rest assured permies, contractors don't want your jobs...we'd rather be your pal and use you as a set of "remote hands" a lot of us would also chuck in some assistance for free if you call us direct (without clearing it with your boss), because we want an easy life too...because coming onsite isn't profitable and making your boss sweat every time he hears you called us, because he thinks he's getting a bill, isn't productive...we'd much rather charge £30 an hour for remote than £60 an hour for onsite...because while we're onsite we can only make £60 an hour...whereas remote, we can multitask and make twice that.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          A system *budgeted* by someone with a longer term view won't have those problems, because they will have the expertise right from the start for years.


          Contractors don't disappear because they want to, they disappear because the money dries up and/or the internal guys bite off more than they can chew trying to earn kudos for "saving money" by creating false economies.

          As a contractor, working with a company that has permie tech staff is like having a shitty's fine for a while, but ultimately your pain in the ass missus (the permie sysadmin) gets to keep the house and kids you get kicked out for doing nothing wrong...then they go online and rant about how shitty contractors are when they find out that they moved onto a better looking more attractive missus.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Contractors vary

            My experience with contractors has been almost universally negative, there have been some good ones but many more bad ones.

            In many cases I’ve found permanent staff going above and beyond to bail them out just to avoid the risk of a potentially worse replacement being hired by management, and I’m saying this from the position of being outsourced IT on temporary secondment to assist the permies. One contractor, a supposed networking expert, had no idea about the disparity in error handling on a legacy 10/100 network (compared with 1Gb Ethernet) and thus completely failing to pair appropriate CCTV cameras with appropriate switches while advocating for way too longer cable runs.

            The quality varies a lot, and employers often do not really get what they pay for.

  3. The Oncoming Scorn Silver badge

    MSP - All Change.

    A good number of colleagues at my current employment in the US, are getting low ball offers of employment, wages & no benefits as our employer has been kicked out & being replaced by incoming IBM owned company begining with KY, who is buffering themselves with a third party agency.

    They are certainly getting shafted, so I guess thats why IBM drew inspiration from a petroleum based lubricant when they named their company.

    So a lot of them are looking to stay with our current employer for as long as they can before taking up more lucrative careers at McD's, Wal-Mart or as chicken pluckers.

    For myself & colleagues here, thats still in the process of being determined as the third party has no presence in Canada, their preferred buffer isn't cleared, so they are left with finding a suitable third party, sub contracting from my employer or direct hiring themselves.

    I hope the client is preparing & looking forward to numbers of "contract staff" with 20+ years of experience of their plants all departing in waves.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: MSP - All Change.

      "So a lot of them are looking to stay with our current employer for as long as they can"

      Yeah you see, that's why people that hire permies don't fear permies...permies are in the game of jumping around and experiencing being fucked from different angles and convincing themselves that the new angle is a better angle...even though they're still being fucked...see there is no threat from a're hand picked based on the "where do you see yourself in 10 years" interview question.

      The entire time they're on the ship climbing the pole from junior deck swabber all the way to senior deck hygiene technician...they never stop to consider that they're still just swabbing the decks with a different title.

      Remember kids, just because a company agrees to hire people underneath you, that doesn't mean your rank is actually just means your job is becoming more fragmented and paving the way to get rid of you.

      If you're hired as a "peep show wank booth mopper" and one day you find yourself in the position of "senior wank booth floor technician" managing a team of "peep show wank booth mopper's rag wringers" you haven't been promoted, you've been diluted...if you do the maths and work out that the collective cost of all the people in your team adds up to less than your salary, you're probably doomed...because they can now promote one of your rag wringers to take on the small amount of work you have left, and hire another cheap rag wringer to take that guys place, then give you the bullet to save money.

      If this group got together and all quit at the same time to start their own thing, they could be competitive because they would keep the talent and shed the weight of all the other company it's a lot easier to plunder a ship wreck if the ship is actually wrecked...if the ship has a skeleton crew just barely keeping it afloat, by the time it reaches a point where it can be plundered the captain has probably already sailed off in a lifeboat with all the booty so you'll be left plundering an empty ship.

      If you as the senior peep show wank booth floor technician rallied your troops, you could start your own thing with the same underlings, but now you're Captain Peep Show Wank Booth Floor Technician, the head of your own ship specialising in cleaning peep show wank booth floors...and you can do it at a lower cost, with greater profit...yeah you can be sued for mutiny...but the other ship is sailing straight for a're on calmer waters...because they also have to deal with people chasing up debts trying to wind the business up to get their money back...which gives you plenty of opportunity to sail off into the sunset to search for greener pastures, where the peep show wank booths are less spunky but pay higher rates.

  4. Electric Panda

    I think I'd quite like to leave tech behind.

    Or at least come "off the tools" and have an entirely non-technical role.

    1. kgilvin1
    2. FlamingDeath Silver badge

      Don’t leave yet, things are just getting exciting, we’re gonna have… ahem… Ai… ahem… to contend with, as its the new thing businesses have a boner for.

      All I can say is get your popcorn ready, and a proverbial mop and bucket

      1. Bebu Silver badge

        Kleenex tissues at the ready?

        《Don’t leave yet, things are just getting exciting, we’re gonna have… ahem… Ai… ahem… to contend with, as its the new thing businesses have a boner for.》

        For the tears I think not so much the boner.

        If anyone lets AI/ML anywhere real code that does real stuff ... "wuh dooomed" ...

        But seriously there is a very real risk that a few years of AI excused deskilling of the software lifecycle could take decades to recover from. Already software engineering is nowhere near the career of choice for IT workforce entrants.

    3. 43300 Silver badge

      Yeah, likewise.

      When it was mostly managing devices which I had reasonable levels of control over (including servers), it was fine. These days, with all the cloudy stuff and every day being a 'which one of them will fall over today?' lottery, I'm absolutely sick of it!

      Also the constant change, most of which is objectively of little or no real benefit to users. It's no even clear why it happens at all in a lot of cases - Microsoft would still get the subscription payments without changing things all the time.

      Email was going to save lots of time as it was much quicker than writing letters, but the ease of sending them meant that the number of emails expanded to take up more tme than writing letters ever took. Teams / Zoom meetings were going to save the time used in travelleing to meetings - but that's just led to time for more pointless Teams / Zoom meetings.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In other news: A recent survey found that 88% of surveys find what those who commissioned the surveys were looking for.......

    1. 43300 Silver badge

      As low a percentage as that?!

  6. PhilipN Silver badge

    Mbula Schoen

    That last quote - what was it? Some attempt to communicate amongst humanoids? Didn’t work.

  7. Daedalus


    For some reason, competition and natural selection don't improve the intelligence level of the decision makers. If anything, they're dumber now than when I blagged my way into software development all those decades ago. And woe betide he who questions their reasons.

  8. MOH

    19 billion??

    How exactly is people moving jobs going to cost the industry 19 billion pounds?

    Unless that's the cost of replacing them all at market rate, plus the cost of all the knowledge that's walked out the door.

    In which case, crazy idea, maybe actually value your employees instead of outsourcing everything at the drop of a hat to the cheapest bidder, while assuming the people who haven't been made redundant will pick up the slack and keep things running despite the resulting carnage

    1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

      Re: 19 billion??

      The same employer that refuses 5% raises, buys reports from Bullshit Surveys Inc 'proving' that replacing key staff costs you a year of salary

  9. CowHorseFrog

    Its an insult to group managers with the rest of the group ....

  10. FirstTangoInParis Bronze badge


    Bouyant ? Perhaps Buoyant. Where is autocorrect when you need it?

  11. The Dogs Meevonks Silver badge

    I'm One of Them

    My current contract is up in Jan 2024... and whilst it's highly likely to be extended due to my teams excellent work. There is currently talk/rumours going around the company about how they can get in on the AI trend to make things better...

    In other words... how can they use it to increase profits and get rid of expensive staff.

    I'm 100% certain that this will be used against my team and I when contracts negotiations are starting in a few months. This contract started before the pandemic and whilst the pay is excellent... doesn't include pay increases for 4yrs... the 4yr project is now looking like it's a 6yr project (not our fault, we've hit every goal/target with over a 98% completion, it would be 100 but for some uppity higher up who wanted to make major changes 2 days before a deadline (we BCC'd in his bosses to the conversation explaining why it was a bad idea and couldn't be completed in time, and he got very uppity, rude and condescending (keep records folks) and the upside is that we rarely have to deal with him anymore))

    I'm not sure I have the will power or energy for this job any more. I moved to a more rural location late last year but can't really enjoy it as juggling work and trying to do up a house... I am at least mortgage free and have enough savings to cover the work (left over from sale of old house)... So I could find something locally part time to cover the bills and so forth.

    I've been considering exiting the tech space entirely for several years. I feel like I'm slipping behind on my current understanding of new advances as I'm soon to be 44 and don't really care to take more courses and learn new software languages.

    I want a more peaceful life... and if that means taking a lower paid job part time to pay the bills... I need around £1100 a month to pay for all the bills, insurance, food, fuel & everything else. My mum who came to live with us contributes £400 a month into the house fund, my partner works locally and she can cover the rest easily.

    I kinda feel like I'm trying to talk myself into quitting... My brother in law gave up work when they moved up here and he runs a small airBnB let at their property near the coast. His days are spent relaxing, cycling through the countryside with a few hrs work every few days when they have a changeover in the let.

    I'm envious of that freedom he has.

  12. ICL1900-G3

    Or better still...


  13. Snowy Silver badge


    Only 25% are thinking about it!

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