back to article Chips still down for TSMC with glimmer of hope this quarter

TSMC has reported a double digit year-on-year plunge in sales, even though it seems the results aren't as bad as analysts anticipated. The chipmaker expects business to pick up again in the coming months. The Taiwanese titan reported revenue in US dollars for calendar Q2 of $15.68 billion, a drop of 13.7 percent from the same …

  1. usbac

    And yet, when I went to buy some microcontrollers two days ago, everything was out of stock. Lead times are many months away.

    Maybe, just an idea, if distributers had chips in stock for people to buy, their revenue would not be down?

    It's kind of like the situation with a now defunct large computer retailer. You would go into their stores, and there would be little to no stock on hand to buy. I once asked the store manager why a common power supply was always out of stock, and he told me "we sell them faster than we can get new stock in". This went on for years. And yet, I kept reading in the tech news that this chain was complaining about their sales numbers being down.

    1. Gene Cash Silver badge

      Eh, I've walked into a Best Buy, looking for a wired mouse or Ethernet card, and been literally laughed at "because no one buys those!!"

      It does my heart good to see their financial numbers these days.

      To be brutally honest, I hope laughing-boy and his equally mirthful manager are sleeping on newspapers on a street corner somewhere. Saying "do you want fries with that?" would be too good for them as far as I'm concerned.

      At least I had the small revenge of saying "there's always Amazon" but I'm sure they didn't really care.

      I've also tried to buy power supplies/RAM/hard drives from the locked cabinet that not even the managers had a key for... but that's a different sort of incompetence.

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