back to article Chinese battery maker for the stars of the EV world suddenly wants to be seen powering human rights

Chinese battery company Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL), which makes around a third of the world's EV batteries and supplies the likes of Tesla and BMW, announced on Tuesday it had joined the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative that sees CEOs make non-binding commitments for sustainability and social …

  1. PhilipN Silver badge

    New York Times

    Thanks for the link.

    And by the way this is what the NYT said :

    “It is difficult to ascertain the level of coercion any individual worker has faced given the limited access to Xinjiang for journalists and research firms.”

    Is “egregious” the same as “we don’t know”?

    1. Martin Gregorie

      Is “egregious” the same as “we don’t know”?


      The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition. says


      - Conspicuously bad or offensive. synonym: flagrant.

      - Surpassing; extraordinary; distinguished (in a bad sense); -- formerly used with words importing a good quality, but now joined with words having a bad sense.

      - Exceptional, conspicuous, outstanding, most usually in a negative fashion.

      1. A.A.Hamilton

        Re: Is “egregious” the same as “we don’t know”?

        Is "tongue in cheek" the same as "missed the point"?

        Answers on postcard (a very small postcard) to El Reg. please, including IP address and root password.

        1. PhilipN Silver badge

          Re: Is “egregious” the same as “we don’t know”?

          Not in your case.

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