back to article Samsung warns of imminent profit plunge

Samsung Electronics issued a warning Friday that its Q2 profit would likely drop 96 percent, year over year – probably due to a lingering oversupply of memory plus overall economic malaise. The chaebol predicted consolidated operating profit for the quarter would fall approximately $459 million. A year prior, the quarterly …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge


    From almost $11 billion to less than half a billion.

    In one year.

    And to think that when Borkzilla gets its forecast wrong by 2%, Wall Street hits it with a slump in share value . . .

    Methinks Samsung shares are going to be littering the streets, begging for someone to just pick them up.

    1. DS999 Silver badge

      Re: Wow

      That's how it has always been in the memory business. A couple years ago when no one could make enough DRAM or NAND they were sitting on top of the world, in a few years that will be the story again and they'll be making money hand over fist.

      The thing is, if they are hurting then others in the business are likely worse off. That's why there are far fewer DRAM OEMs than there were say 20 years ago.

      1. Graham Cobb Silver badge

        Re: Wow

        Yep. Just trying to time the bottom for 2TB M.2 NVMe cards...

        Even wondering if they will still be relatively low when PCIe Gen5 cards come out (as I am currently looking at PCIe5 motherboards as well). Although I don't suppose Samsung will want to introduce those while prices are depressed. But maybe their competitors will?

        Or 4TB M.2 NVMe cards: the £200 price point currently gets slow 4TB from Crucial, or apparently very fast 4TB from no-name Chinese vendors. Can't be long before reputable vendors offer fast 4TB cards at that price point.

        1. DS999 Silver badge

          Re: Wow

          There's no need to time the bottom, unless there is a major supply disruption that affects production or shipping if they go up in price at all it won't be by much.

          There's also no way you could possibly tell the difference between PCIe4 and PCIe5 SSDs unless you benchmark them, so it is only worth paying the premium for the 5.0 for a server - and only then if the SSD performance gain would make a real difference in the overall server performance.

  2. Ashto5

    Just doom mongering

    Samsung oh it’s so bad for us

    Now let’s have some of that subsidy cake

    Just the topping thanks

  3. lockt-in

    fewer models and less clutter

    They remind me of Nokia with more models than may be necessary. I find the user interface messy, my messaging app changed a couple of times between Samsung and Google, then I used to get frequent Microsoft updates etc in my face I don't want to know about Microsoft. My partner gave me another make, better in these regards. But ...Samsunmg's phones are super-slim, I like that.

  4. Gene Cash Silver badge


    I have a Samsung Odyssey G4 49" monitor and it's crap. The thing does not recover from DPMS sleep mode.

    Either it wakes up with large patches of flashing white until I toggle the power, or it does not wake up at all, requiring me to unplug it and plug it back in.

    And yes, I've updated the firmware 3 times. Why the hell do I need to update firmware on a MONITOR?

    And I was stupid enough to buy it after all my friends' issues with Samsung phones and clothes washers.

    1. HMcG

      Re: GOOD

      I've also been very disappointed with Samsung's security. In particular, I purchased a new, just released phone with a promised minimum 2 years of updates, only to find that Samsung's idea of security updates was 2 to 4 months behind Google's releases. Effectively this meant that any hackers could analyse Google's patches, reverse engineer the exploit, and have 2 to 4 months of opportunity before Samsung would get round to addressing them.

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