back to article Mozilla pauses blunder-prone AI chatbot in MDN docs

Mozilla on Thursday attempted to explain its decision to disable, at least temporarily, the error-prone AI Explain button implemented last week on the MDN documentation website. Steve Teixeira, Mozilla's chief product officer, emitted a statement summarizing the Firefox maker's enthusiasm for the possibility of using …

  1. David 132 Silver badge

    Of course there's an XKCD for this...

    FTFA: As developers have pointed out, however, these statistics are not very useful – how many "likes" means it's okay for "one of the most trusted resources for information about web standards" to provide incorrect answers?

    As ever, Randall has an analogy for this one. The strip boils down to: A "tornado warning" phone app gets an average 4-star review - great interface, really solid and stable, super easy to set up. Doesn't actually provide warning of tornadoes, but that's a minor nit, right?

    Likewise here. AI LLMs are really exciting and trendy to include on your website and make getting answers as easy as talking to another person. The fact that they're just mashing words together with no concept of context or consistency, and as such any answers they give are about as reliable as the Magic 8-Ball, is just a fiddly detail...

    1. sabroni Silver badge

      Re: any answers they give are about as reliable as the Magic 8-Ball

      100 time this.

      They just produce shit that LOOKS believable.

      Yesterday someone asked chatGPT to multiply two four digit numbers. The answer it gave was believable but wrong.

      Where is the value in that?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @sabroni - Re: any answers they give are about as reliable as the Magic 8-Ball

        Who cares! Someone is positioned to make money out of it. Big money!

        As for the value, it is more than enough for a startup to mention AI and it will instantly be showered up with money up to their eyelids.

    2. Ace2 Silver badge

      Re: Of course there's an XKCD for this...

      We need to rename them. How about AI-BG? For Bullshit Generator

  2. devin3782

    What a waste of developer resources that was, they could have better spent that time fully implementing the :has css pseudo class. No Mozilla we don't need you to be jumping on the band wagon, we need you to be the port in the storm.

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