back to article Oracle certifies its database for Arm architecture on-prem and in cloud

Oracle has certified its flagship Database 19c Enterprise Edition database for the Arm architecture, in the cloud or on-prem – provided it runs on an Ampere processor. Databases are a critical and ubiquitous workload, so Oracle bringing its flagship product to Arm will make the architecture easier to consider for many …

  1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Keep up at the back

    And Big Red's database is far from the first such tool to run on Arm: MySQL has done so for years…

    And who owns MySQL? Oracle

    …MariaDB can too

    MariaDB is an increasingly irrelevant fork of MySQL

    …as does MongoDB.

    Nobody cares about MongoDB!

    More importantly, AWS actively promotes Postgres on its own ARM servers.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: MariaDB is an increasingly irrelevant fork of MySQL????

      Why is that? Care to elaborate?

      Do you want people to pay Oracle for MySQL licenses or is it something else?

      There are an awful lot of Wordpress sites out there using MariaDB. Hardly irrelevant IMHO.

      One hosting site that I work with has over 5,000 WP domains pointing at its servers almost all of them with MariaDB as the back end.

      1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

        Re: MariaDB is an increasingly irrelevant fork of MySQL????

        You're highlighting the problem with MariaDB: the business model isn't working and without the company behind it, it doesn't have much of a future. Postgres on the other hand has managed to make itself largely independent from individual vendors.

    2. Vikingforties

      Re: Keep up at the back

      More data stores to go at with Arm builds:

      Cassandra, CouchDB, CrateDB, Elasticsearch, InfluxDB, KeyDB, Postgres, Redis, Vault, CockroachDB, Apache Hadoop components......

      1. chasil

        you forgot the biggest one of all...


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