back to article Databricks puts cards on the table format as Snowflake looks for more players

With confirmation of support for table formats Apache Iceberg and Hudi this week, Databricks is striving to broaden the appeal of its approach to data lakes, strengthening its dominance in machine learning to branch out to data warehouse-type workloads. Meanwhile, rival Snowflake has also unveiled updates to Iceberg Tables to …

  1. Gordon 10

    Nobody cares

    Iceberg, Hudi or some other kind of shizzle. Its all edge case stuff.

    If you have mainly Data Science workloads have Databricks, if you have mainly traditional workloads have Snowflake. Even better - leave the DS's in the corner with Databricks whilst the real Enterprise level stuff goes on in Snowflake.

  2. xyz Silver badge

    Meanwhile in the MS batcave....

    A large turd is touching Fabric.

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