back to article Fire-resistant drones promise to help rescuers in a hot spot

Drones built to withstand extreme temperatures have passed initial testing in an effort to reduce risks to rescuers in fire emergencies. A joint project between Imperial College London and Empa – the material science unit of Swiss Federal Laboratories – has shown a remotely controlled flyer is capable of enduring the …

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  2. ecofeco Silver badge

    But, why?

    These drones and robots can already be bought.

    Search YouTube for fire fighting robots and firefighting drones. (for some reason, two separate things requiring two separate searches)

    They not only exist, but are already deployed en mass.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: But, why?

      Drones are widely used in Fire Services but mainly for situational awareness and search and rescue. The drones that can actually fight fires are still experimental/testing and can't be deployed quick enough compared to an ALP for a large incident. Imagine there would also be problems with the risk factor of deploying drones and ALP's together at the same scene. They also require the use of CAF to help fight fires which isn't always appropriate and can have an environmental impact, the UK would struggle with legisaltion trying to implment drones like that if they were widely available and most FRS wouldn't be able to afford them as you would need at least 2/3 for any incident plus the specialised vehicle that would carry them and all their kit.

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