back to article US mulls tightening ban on AI chips to China

Washington is understood to be considering further restrictions on the export to China of advanced chips used for AI processing, moves which could dent the sales of companies including Nvidia and AMD. Existing curbs introduced in the autumn are already fueling a burgeoning black market for GPUs in China, and this latest action …

  1. Rich 2 Silver badge

    AI chips

    I’m guessing an “AI chip” is just the same as a “chip” (remember those?) but with a different sticker on it and backed-up by some vacuous marketing literature?

    Blimey! Where would we be without “AI”? That’s right - exactly where we are now (well, except for every other news item having “AI” mentioned somewhere in it)

    1. munnoch

      Re: AI chips

      I don't know much about it but I believe AI is done with limited range floating point representations that are relatively small, like 16 bits or so. Lots and lots of little calculations in parallel on the same chip. GPU's went down the same route so this is just a progression. As opposed to full fat IEEE 32 and 64 bit floats/doubles. Still 10 grand is a lot for a chip even if it can give you bunny ears and whiskers...

      We're supposed to be in the middle of a climate emergency and we're being asked to cut our own throats to go carbon neutral, whilst data centres are being stuffed to the roof with these power guzzling things. Some applications are noble, but I suspect 99.999% of them are being used for banal entertainment reasons not for finding the cure to cancer.

      I've spent my whole life in technology and I love what I do but I despair at the race to constantly replace and upgrade.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    To say that

    the U.S.A. is what the rest of the world laughingly calls a "superpower", they do seem remarkably insecure.

    1. Version 1.0 Silver badge

      Re: To say that

      Given what we're seeing with AI these days then this is an action that supports China and will reduce their AI infections, I guess AI will just be hurting the US and Europe now, AI is not always working for the best results, it just makes suggestions.

      A friend in the U.S.A. was using AI to try and make himself happier ... AI suggested that he just enjoyed AS (Artificial Sex) to help him sleep well in the evening but then he ran out of the strawberry cream lubricant for his dildo and thought Tabasco could replace it, AI didn't warn him about that.

    2. Clausewitz4.0 Bronze badge
      Black Helicopters

      Re: To say that

      "the U.S.A. is what the rest of the world laughingly calls a "superpower", they do seem remarkably insecure.

      Thats because this power comes from the DOLLAR.

      And the dollar is being dumped globally. Revenge.

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