back to article American and Southwest Airlines pilot candidate data exposed

A vendor that operates a pilot recruitment platform used by major airlines exposed the personal files of more than 8,000 pilot and cadet applicants at American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. Both American and Southwest on June 23 sent letters [caution – PDFs] to those people affected by the hack of Pilot Credentials, a …

  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    no "evidence" of use

    What possible risk could there be for everyone+dog being able to make 'genuine' pilot ID cards ?

    In my day we had to use the decals from model 707s

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    From the article

    "The airlines are offering people affected by the attack two free years of credit and identity protection. American will pay for a complimentary two-year membership with Experian IdentityWorks Credit 3B program, which can detect possible misuse of personal information and deliver identification protection."

    So, the cunts that did this thing will just have to wait 2 years before doing their thing?

    But hang on, they have chosen that well. known bastion of unbreakable security... Experian? To sort it? Seriously? The laughs just write themselves don't they?

    But at least they haven't trotted out that boiler plate lie about how they take security very seriously. Probably because they didn't know how to pronounce the words I guess.

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