back to article Rejecting Intel, Oracle pumps up Exadata beef cake with AMD protein

Oracle is promising a significant transaction throughput and analytics performance boost with Exadata X10M, the first upgrade to its hardware-engineered database system. The integrated hardware and software platform has eschewed the 2.6GHz Intel 2x32-core Intel Xeon 8358 processors which powered its Exadata X9M machine for 4th …

  1. Steve Channell

    Exadata is older than the Sun Aquisition

    The original Exadata was a join venture with HP, but Oracle switched to Sun SPARC to internalize all of the revenue.

    While the split of Query and Store engines is similar to MPP, Exadata sold well because it was simpler and cheaper to deploy than an equivalent Oracle RAC cluster. cheaper because you didn't need a full license for store nodes, simpler because it had its own infiniband fabric within the rack.

    The cold hard truth is that servers with 100s of cores, Tb of RAM, Eb of SSD are commodities; whatever RDBMS you run on it

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