back to article Intel parts with 20% slice of semiconductor biz crucial to chip production future

Intel is selling a 20 percent stake in a key technology company it owns to investors Bain Capital, claiming the move will encourage more cross-industry collaboration once the chip giant loosens its grip on the venture. The Santa Clara chipmaker said it has agreed to sell a minority stake in IMS Nanofabrication to Bain Capital …

  1. nautica Silver badge

    Don't EVER forget what's really behind all this type BS pumped out by the bean-counters...

    "No matter what they say the reason is, the real reason is always money."---anon

  2. martinusher Silver badge

    Nothing gppd ever comes out of selling to a hedge fund

    Usually these sorts of deals involve leverage. The PR people do all the usual things with press releases involving the word salad / word bingo of how it will create synergy or something like that but inevitably value has been extracted somewhere which leaves the actual working bit of the company worse off.

    The problem's that the PR people have just run the entire lexicon into the ground, its got to the 'cry wolf' stage where even if what they were saying were true nobody would believe them. LLMs is just going to make matters even worse -- the difference between a hand shaped pie and a production line steamer/extruder.

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