back to article Europe plots rules to protect tech supply chains from foreign influence

The European Commission is considering measures to restrict member nations and companies from outsourcing sensitive technologies to countries of concern – namely China and Russia. Among the technologies targeted by the Commission's Economic Security Strategy [PDF] are AI, quantum computing, and advanced semiconductor tech. In …

  1. Zolko Silver badge

    Sanctions work

    After successfully sanctioning our major energy and raw-material supplier, why not boycotting a major industrial supplier and good client ? And this by the famous Ursula who lost the SMS where she "negotiated " in secret billions of "vaccines " for an illness that has passed (but we still have to buy the negotiated doses for nada)

    Sometimes I'm asking myself whether these people are simply dumb or completely corrupted by US interests. But in no way can I think that they really believe in what they're doing

    1. blackcat Silver badge

      Re: Sanctions work

      And remember Blinken has just been in China promising Xi that the US doesn't want to take his hunny and generally kissing his backside and then Joe Biden calls Xi a dictator (which isn't wrong) the very next day. And hasn't Bill Gates been meeting with Xi as well?

  2. systemBuilder22

    Hauwei = Grand Theft Auto

    I can definitlely vouch for the truth that Huawei is out to steal anything that's not bolted down at every tech company on earth. I know several mid-level engineers hired by Huawei, from a world class fabless chipmaker, then these people were pumped for information for exactly 12 months, then fired. Period. Normally Huawei will just put spies into an organization via the china - grad school pipeline - which is their preferred method - but if that's not possible or if that would take too long, they just use money to turn former employees into industrial traitors ...

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