back to article Micron chips in $600M for China memory facility despite Beijing sanctions

US memory maker Micron is set to invest millions of dollars into a factory in China, despite its products being recently sanctioned as a security risk by the Chinese authorities. Micron said it plans to invest ¥4.3 billion (just over $600 million) into upgrading its chip packaging facility in the city of Xi'an over the next …

  1. Ropewash

    $600Mn in Xi'an. $100Bn in NY

    Identical twin facilities.

    1. splithorizon

      Where did you read that the facilities are identical? The facility in NY is a fab. The Chinese plant described in this article is a packaging facility.

  2. Roland6 Silver badge

    Micron chips manufactured in China with Xi’an label will probably be okay with CAC

    Expect there will be some fudge around this to ensure Chinese companies buy only locally manufactured Micron chips and not imports from the US.

    The catch will be whether a US/European company can use Xi’an labelled chips instead of Micron…

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