back to article Fresh details on the flash that sits inside Mars Perseverance Rover

SSD maker Phison recently shared fresh details on the flash that sits inside the Mars Perseverance rover with Reg sister title Blocks & Files, and also talked up the 8TB SSD planned for use in Lonestar Data Holdings' audacious lunar datacenter mission. The manufacturer of the 8GB industrial-grade PSS4A111-8G uSSD that sits …

  1. Stork Silver badge


    Are they eavesdropping on the Martians’ conversations?

    1. Caver_Dave Silver badge

      Re: Sound?

      They are listening to the wind.

      Probably a very inefficient way to check for Methane and other organic compounds.

  2. JRS

    Not Muppets

    I couldn't read "RISC-V in space" without trying to voice it as "PIGS IN SPACE...."

    (Why no muppet icon?)

  3. MrAptronym

    Datacenters on the moon?

    Honestly, hearing about plans to build out datacenters on the moon my kneejerk reaction is that those rockets need to be shot down if they ever actually try and deploy. (They won't. I know.)

  4. PRR Bronze badge

    > space is not a break-and-fix environment. If the SSD fails, then the rover's imaging system stops working.

    ??? Never heard of RAID? Redundant storage?

    I know every milligram is precious when 50M miles away. But loss of a mission for want of a second (or third?) drive seems like an obvious design study. RAID (any flavor you like) has been a 10-cent extra in earthly PCs for a decade.

    Remark further along suggesting that "traditional hard disk"s are disfavored seems like blather. Aside from weight and standby power, don't Winchester heads still fly on air-cushion? Mars' 1% air may be too-too thin? Sealed air requires NO-leak pressure chamber? Also most earth-market bearings are not metal but metal oxide where it counts (exposed surface). After a week outgassing in space, metal-on-metal spinners tend to weld, seize.

    Sound microphones give data about the very thin air. You can learn a lot by listening. (But not if you rely on a dead drive to relay files back for analysis.)

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