back to article Meta teaches AI image model to stop generating human fingers like a drunk Picasso

Meta has announced a computer vision model that learns to recognize images while also building contextual knowledge that makes artificial intelligence less clunky and costly. "This model, the Image Joint Embedding Predictive Architecture (I-JEPA), learns by creating an internal model of the outside world, which compares …

  1. Arthur the cat Silver badge

    Oh dear

    The result is that I-JEPA is less prone to errors – like creating hands with extra fingers – when generating images.

    Will nobody think of the Norfolk market?

  2. _Elvi_

    Boffins ..

    Glad to see our old friends back in the Reg ..

    Twas lonely without them.

    1. TheMaskedMan Silver badge

      Re: Boffins ..

      "Glad to see our old friends back in the Reg"

      Was going to say much the same.

      As for the extra-digital escapades of AI image generation, I must admit that the more recent versions of midjourney have been much better in that respect. Only rarely do I see dodgy hands, but the pesky thing did generate a dog with five feet earlier. Not legs, feet.

      Impressive though it's output often is, I don't think any but the most surrealistic artists need worry too much just yet.


    Generative architectures, Meta says, often have trouble with human hands because they try to fill in every bit of information without a conceptual basis for the scene.

    Like most ChatGPT answers.

  4. M.V. Lipvig Silver badge

    I have a finger

    for Faecesbook.

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