back to article Japan's revised space security plan reportedly considers counterstrike capability

On Tuesday, the government of Japan adopted its first official plan for space security – and it will likely include counterstrike capabilities. "The new Basic Plan for Space Policy presents a vision of the future of security, disaster prevention and mitigation, innovation, civil sectors such as space science and exploration, …

  1. werdsmith Silver badge

    This is the voice of the Mysterons.

    We know you can hear us Earthmen.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are they expecting another attack from King Ghidorah then?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Always sounded like Kinky Dora on the soundtrack.

  3. _Elvi_

    Captain Yamanami, to the rescue!!

    Space Battleship Yamato will save us all!!




  4. An_Old_Dog Silver badge


    ... and warned that the next two years will be crucial for gaining a foothold on the Moon. This rather implies USAians are newcomers to the space race (they're not), or that their troops must be landed on the moon as they were on Omaha beach during WW II.

  5. martinusher Silver badge

    Probably not a good idea to encourage them

    Japan's adventures in the furtherance of its "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" less than a century ago set a new standard in barbarism, a standard that's still well remembered in neighboring nations. We (the US) thought it expedient to maintain cultural and state structures in Japan after WW2 but we forced on them a pacifist Constitution that was inherently neutral. With the general geopolitical juggling that's going on these days we're now enabling, even encouraging, that militarist mindset. This is the typical dumb move that gets us into trouble. Its also likely to backfire because China wasn't the only country to suffer at their hands.

    But then this isn't the first time we've encouraged undesirable governments in the pursuit of some nebulous global interest. Its not us that's going to deal with the fallout (we hope).

    1. deadlockvictim

      Re: Probably not a good idea to encourage them

      The Japanese still think that WWII started with the bombing of pearl harbour in 1941 and that they are victims of WWII.

      They learn nothing about Korea in 1910, Manchuria, Nanking and so on.

      One Japanese I met told me that he didn't learn about Japan did in the first half of the last century until he got to university.

      The Japanese government has not apologised for what happened and they do nothing to educate their citizens about it.

      The Japanese have an awful lot to worry about in the next big war. The rest of East Asia and especially the Chinese & Korean *do* learn about their history and the Japanese are not the most loved people in that neck of the woods. Envied yes and there is a lot of resentment there.

      Especially as 90% of Japanese food (except rice) is imported and there are three times as many people there now than there was in the 1940s.

      The future is not rosy for Japan.

      1. Turbo Beholder

        Re: Probably not a good idea to encourage them

        Is this «always project» or just «always double down» at this point? I cannot tell.

    2. Turbo Beholder

      Re: Probably not a good idea to encourage them

      Quoth the joke — «Who “we”, paleface?» Is it editor “we”, tapeworm “we” or lackey “we”?

      By now every group of Americans you will see on teh internets is either obviously useless, criminal and/or utterly demoralized, and they all came to understanding that their worst enemies are each other. The dream to fool all the people all the time was, after all, stupid. By now the Totally-Not-Vatican of Harvard has corrupted itself (and everything it touched) to death. Down to inability to maintain basic infrastructure. How long did it take to build Anderson Memorial Bridge, again? And to repair it? Uh-huh.

      Game over. Search for “multipolar world”, it’s time. Oh, you want to tell the entire world what to do… and not be advised to go neck yourself in return? You and what Redditor interbrigade?

  6. Turbo Beholder

    > What happened to ‘for all mankind’?

    Did you not hear? Most of it either have told the self-proclaimed moral betters who offer advice on a cosmic scale and of equally cosmic stupidity to go neck themselves or clearly waits in the queue to do the same.

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