back to article China's cyber now aimed at infrastructure, warns CISA boss

China's cyber-ops against the US have shifted from espionage activities to targeting infrastructure and societal disruption, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Jen Easterly told an Aspen Institute event on Monday. "PRC actors have been in the spotlight for years and years, the key …

  1. PhilipN Silver badge

    Follow the link to the Annual Threat Assessment of the intelligence community

    Maybe they mean "by" the intelligence community rather than the IC being the threat, but who knows?

    Worth looking at the source which dates back to "information as of 18 January".

    And which kicks off with "This annual report of worldwide threats to the national security of the United States". Worldwide?? I always knew the inhabitants of Tristan da Cunha were tricky b***ds.

    Also worth scrolling to the end to see how many countries are basket cases (presumably other than the USA.....).

    Now the US debt "situation" supposedly has been resolved this and other agencies will want their share.

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Scary War Gamers Take No Prisoners.

    The following, Laura, one would have reasonably expected to appear in reply to an article bemoaning the inherent difficulties in recognising and then addressing the requirements needed to deal with all that you have highlighted here as problematical for Uncle Sam. Quite whether though the National Defense Industrial Association agrees, is something on which I wouldn't choose to bet, given the evidence of the form they are recently prone to demonstrate.

    It is said .... "There's nowt as strange as folk" .... and some folk, for whatever strange or unpleasant reason, can choose to put themselves beyond clear evidence of remote third party help thus rendering them liable to the consequences resultant because of an absence in joint participation and/or further development.

    amanfromMars [2306130721] ..... reveals on

    [Thank you. Your comment will be displayed soon after reviewing.]

    Thank You, John C Johnson,

    That was a very clear and thoughtful exposé on the enigmatic dilemma and colossal conundrum that prevents early premium, prime-time exclusive access to Earth shattering programs and projects for blinkered establishment and intellectually challenged mainstream mediated research facilities, however, with particular and peculiar regard to the following final paragraph of the Emerging Technologies article, "VIEWPOINT: Advancing Technology Without Operational Pull" ......

    "So, in answer to the question, how do we advance breakthrough technology without operational pull? We don’t. A requirements document forged by users and engineers is the lodestar, guiding the way forward in the development cycle."

    ....... is there that other alternative leading lodestar, guiding the way forward in AI development and applications cycles, and which will always find its rightful home in any and every environment truly sympathetic to its future ready feeds, ..... the operational push by advanced breakthrough technologies and/or their developers advising of novel revolutionary utilities and remotely secured available abilities, with the only practical and virtual difficulty then to overcome in order to gain viable functional command and control, is the suspension, irradiation and eradication of one's own disbelief.

    Consider the following two paragraphs extracted from a reply to a report on emerging Chinese abilities a perfect example ripe ready for immediate consideration and ACTive field application, for it is something nowadays available everywhere and thus one will naturally be required to deal and do deals with it.

    "Twice as much time and effort and effective revolutionary blue sky thinking has infinite limitless applications possible in return for leading market reward delivering an almighty overwhelming and NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive Advantage ..... although it may also be the case that focussed concentration of readily available time and effort in/on just the latter is that which stealthily delivers unparalleled otherworldly success and universal remote virtual leadership .

    Progress is not measured in how much much money is spent, it is measured in how much wealth can be created, for the former leads to crippling debt and insolvent trading and international bankruptcy whereas the latter doesn’t and cannot."

    Time and tide and progress stand still for no human.

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