back to article AMD extends Ryzen 7000 range to enterprise with Pro chips

AMD has unveiled additions to the Ryzen 7000 processor family, targeting business desktops and laptops with promises of increases in performance, security and management features, plus the inevitable AI capabilities. The new Ryzen Pro line comprises the Ryzen Pro 7000 Series for desktop systems, and the Ryzen Pro 7040 Series …

  1. Mishak Silver badge

    When running a Microsoft Teams session

    Yeah, that's a "good" app to suck the battery dry on my 2018 Intel Mac as well.

    1. Hans 1

      Re: When running a Microsoft Teams session

      I use that app to suck my golf balls through the garden hose, does a great job at that as well!

    2. Ish148

      Re: When running a Microsoft Teams session

      Teams is such a terrible test for so many reasons. The fact it's an Electron app, has zero GPU acceleration on Apple Silicon, that even MS is retiring the "legacy" app for a native version

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