back to article Hold it – another vulnerability found in MOVEit file transfer software

Security firms helping Progress Software dissect the fallout from a ransomware attack against its MOVEit file transfer suite have discovered an additional exploitable bug. Progress said the discovery was made by cybersecurity firm Huntress, which it had engaged to conduct a detailed code review of its systems. The newly …

  1. sitta_europea Silver badge

    " might be safer to surrender."

    Like he'd be safe in prison?

  2. OhForF' Silver badge


    "AN0M was developed for the FBI by a confidential source for just $180,000"

    How is it that the FBI managed to get some 3rd party to supply a working communication app at least an order of magnitude cheaper than what they'd have to pay if the government sends out a request for quote?

    1. Korev Silver badge

      Re: RFQ

      Yep, compare that to Britain's non-functional track'n'trace system that cost billions...

    2. druck Silver badge

      Re: RFQ

      They used an honest developer, rather than the usual suspects; government suppliers that provide truly criminal services.

    3. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

      Re: RFQ

      AN0M is probably a clone of Slack, or something, with deliberate rubbish security.

      I am slightly curious to see its legal contractual statements of licence terms and conditions of use, if it has or had such things. And curious to know if anyone currently is suing over that.

  3. mark l 2 Silver badge

    I suspect he will never be apprehended as unless they have evidence that is really still 'at large', its more than likely one of the organised crime gangs who got busted over using Anom devices probably have him stuffed into a barrel at the bottom of a lake by now. As they are not the sort of people you want on your enemies list.

    1. stiine Silver badge

      Did yo usee what they found in Lake Mead over the last year?

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