back to article Former exec accused of trying to clone entire Samsung chip fab on Chinese soil

A former executive at Samsung Electronics is being detained in South Korea over allegations of theft involving detailed information to help build a replica of one of the corporation's chip factories in China. According to reports, prosecutors in South Korea have indicted the unnamed executive, who is also said to have worked …

  1. PRR Bronze badge

    "65-year-old allegedly stole"

    Why is the perp's age even relevant??

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: "65-year-old allegedly stole"

      "Why is the perp's age even relevant??"

      Because it is well known that you lose the ability to think when you are older than 40 .... and are totally beyond hope by time you are 50+ !!!


      It is the reason that IBM get rid of their staff when they get too old !!!


      <jk> for anyone who misses the so called joke !!!

    2. tooltalk

      Re: "65-year-old allegedly stole"

      I think it adds some contex as this particular demographic (ie, retired Samsung/SK Hynix engineers or executives) seems to come up often in IP theft/leak awfully a lot recently in South Korea.

      On an unrelated note, I'm not surprised that a Taiwanese investor was bankrolling this operation until they decided to back out (perhaps seeing the rising geopolitical tension during Trump).

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Why is the perp's age even relevant?"

    OK, I'll attempt to take on the challenge.

    When I was a lot younger I made mistakes (I divorced her) that with the wisdom of old age I would not make now. Some of my actions in the workplace would have led to dismissal from my employment had anyone found out, I now consider those actions to have been unwise (with hindsight "reckless" might be a more appropriate adjective) and I'd think long and hard before doing the same now. So the age is relevant in so far as it points out that even with 65 years life experience (and as "a senior executive") this individual still chose personal gain over morality and good sense (at least if your going to do it, don't get caught!). I, and maybe others might hope for higher standards (although allowing for the possibility of disappointment) because mine, at least, now are. I understand that youngsters might regard this stance as painting them in a negative light, that's understandable, you only realise you made a misjudgement in retrospect otherwise you'd not have chosen that course of action, you're too young to have reached that realisation yet, your decision has not yet proven to be a disaster.

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