back to article Why can't Nvidia boss Jensen Huang escape the Uncanny Valley that makes AI feel icky?

If you decide to visit the Computex tech fest, it's important to understand two things: Taiwan's weather is stinking hot that time of year; and Taiwan's signature snack – stinking tofu – is well-named and very much an acquired taste. I mention these tidbits because one of the sensations of this year's show was Nvidia CEO …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "many downsides we're yet to understand"

    I've got the feeling that we're going to get a chance to understand them, and sooner rather than later.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: "many downsides we're yet to understand"

      I've got the feeling that we're going to get a chance to understand them, and sooner rather than later. .... Pascal Monett

      Indeed, it is the least to be considered deserved, and most to be reasonably expected, given the terror being stirred up by those worthy with so much to lose against/to a victorious rebellious and revolutionary AI movement ..... ESPecial EMPhatic ParaMilitary Operation.

      And such is wholly natural and increasingly more rapidly inevitable and unavoidable ..... and widely increasingly realised as being perfectly acceptable and desirable.

  2. Detective Emil

    Mr. Cool

    Huang did all this wearing that same leather jacket he incongruously wore in Taipei's summer evening heat, and which appeared not to discomfort him during two hours spent under stage lights.

    Well, Nvidia has to know a lot about keeping things cool, given the insane power draw of its products.

    Mine's the smoking jacket with dry ice in the pockets.

  3. Boolian

    Valley Harking

    Obligatory creepypasta:

    "The existence of the uncanny valley implies that at some point there was an evolutionary reason to be afraid of something that looked human but wasn't. It never disappeared, it just got better at looking human"

  4. Evil Auditor Silver badge

    ...leather jacket he incongruously wore in Taipei's summer evening heat...

    Quite a few times I encountered visitors from Taiwan wearing long-sleeved rain jackets in weather where I was nearly overheating in shorts and t-shirt. They seemed not to shed a drop of sweat.

    Any Taiwanese here? Is it that your bodies function differently, they sweat less and certainly stink less than fat old sweaty Brits (or other regular western stinky people)? Or do your "rain jackets" contain a super-efficient cooling system? Something else? Please share this secret with one of those sweaty, stinky guys. Thank you.

  5. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

    Yet another article focused on a CEO...

    1. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

      That axe getting sharp yet?

      You could always start your own IT news site, focusing on lower-level employees. It is the Era of Citizen Journalism, or so we've been told (by "citizen journalists").

      1. CowHorseFrog Silver badge

        Thats an idea, but that doesnt explain why you think this focus on these people is such a worthwhile cause ?

        Im going to guess you are american, because thats a reasonable guess.

        What exactly have these people done for you as an individual ?

        Do you love the gun crime, low wages, expensive healthcare, greed above people ?

        Or do you love the fact they pay themselves crazy wages while stealing reasonable pay from the poor ?

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