back to article Police use of PayPal records under fire after raid on 'Cop City' protest fund trio

Three supporters of activists against a $90 million police training facility dubbed Cop City were arrested after the cops used PayPal data to bring money-laundering charges against the trio. Police cuffed 39-year-old Marlon Scott Kautz and 42-year-old Adele Maclean, both of Atlanta, Georgia, and 30-year-old Savannah Patterson …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Typical cop logic

    Radically over prosecute people excising their right to protest, but ignore corporations and their own unions expenditures to do the same thing.

    Cops coordinate with right wing terror groups and PMCs hired by oil companies, and that's fine. People and civic organizations pay money to clean up trash a legitimate protest generates and it's money laundering.

    Too bad for the cops the world is paying attention to this one, and it's not going away overnight. Heavy handed stuff like this just ends up wasting taxpayer money when the cops inevitably lose and then get sued themselves for overreach.

    1. stiine Silver badge

      Re: Typical cop logic

      They should have used a heavier hand. Unless the idiots want the APD to train their officers on Moreland Ave or West Peachtree Street...

      1. runt row raggy

        Re: Typical cop logic

        are you arguing that without a training center the cops would just beat up folks downtown?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Typical cop logic

          no... cops beat up folks downtown because they're trained to.

          Anyways, Atlanta police being corrupt? GASP... CAN IT BE???!!??

          For those that don't know, the police of Atlanta and L.A. compete for the most corrupt in the nation. For instance, there's a Kennywood Hollywood theme park that has a dueling roller coaster called The "Racer Racist". It's a Red Black coaster (always the loser) that duels a Blue White coaster (always the winner). However, what makes it famous is the waiting lines, which is where the police molest and beat the riders. In general, it's not a bad ride, just don't bring 1 or more guests with you or they invoke "riot" rules and things get a little sketchy.

    2. Snake Silver badge

      Re: Typical cop logic

      Note icon and bypass this post if you choose.

      "Heavy handed stuff like this just ends up wasting taxpayer money when the cops inevitably lose and then get sued themselves for overreach."

      And therein lies the problem. Will they sue? Apparently...not.

      Fight for the Future has called on Atlanta lawmakers to drop the charges against the trio and vote no on funding Cop City. The digital rights group also wants to see Congress defend protesters' free-speech rights...

      As usual, whine and 'march for justice' if the Powers that Be care. The only thing the PtB care about is *their* power and money, but all too often [the opposition] is just too spineless to tackle them head-on, against that truth. So, nothing changes much.

      Hitting them in the pocketbook is all that the PtB care about. The Plod will continue doing what they are doing, empowered by the authoritarians that they court in government, because funding will never be cut off - "Own the Libs". Fight for the Future is simply barking at a tree, as if the police and their government really cares.

      They'll only care when you (help) bankrupt them. Financial war is the only thing that works in today's world, hit them where it hurts, make them pay. Sue them for every possible thing you can pin on them, plus maybe a few things you can't just for good measure :D

  2. LazLong


    What did the plod use as justification to get the warrants for the financial records?

    1. MachDiamond Silver badge

      Re: Justification?

      Warrants are only needed to compel the release of information. If Paypal was disposed to just hand it over, no warrants would be necessary. Don't believe that the financial institutions you use are going to go to bat for you at every turn unless you do significant amounts of business with them. If they put up a fight and have to engage attorneys, it's more money than they are willing to spend protecting you and your "rights".

      Some companies are more than happy to hand over information to government/law enforcement just for the asking. I don't see where some people are thinking that any transfer of information requires a warrant or subpoena. Some very big banks happily rat out their smallest customers all of the time and it doesn't affect their bottom line one whit. The phone companies as well.

      1. A random security guy

        Re: Justification?

        Still need a warrant.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Justification?

          Still SHOULD need a warrant. The poster's point was that one is frequently not presented or asked for, but the data is provided anyway.

  3. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge

    Duh, it's justified now

    The police are in dire need a new $90 million training facility if they're using a SWAT team for unsubstantiated suspicions of financial crimes totaling $7000 over two years. They might be armed with tote bags, signs, and COVID tests!

    The formation in that video is cringe-worthy too.

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