back to article Get ready, Snowflakes: Azure AI is coming for you with one click

Microsoft is looking to make its Azure cloud the place for enterprises to run their AI and machine learning workloads. "Data scientists from organizations that have adopted Snowflake as their data warehouse solution can now explore Azure ML capabilities without relying on third-party libraries or engaging data engineering …

  1. jake Silver badge

    Because as we all know ...

    ... Redmond is SO much better than anybody else at late-to-the party vapo(u)rware that their version is absolutely bound to work perfectly for all concerned, as do all the rest of their offerings.

    I, for one, can't wait.

    Got the beer, now where did I put the popcorn?

  2. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "As clouds offer elastic access to hardware"

    With elastic billing to match.

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: "As clouds offer elastic access to hardware"

      It'll stretch the budget.

  3. xyz Silver badge


    I thought the main benefit of Snowflake was that you weren't tied to a specific cloud.

    And there are SaaS solutions out there that can handle on-prem, whatever cloud, hosted data stores, with AI toppings if you want, without having to drag your data into someone's data protection racket... Sorry dataswamp, sorry datalake.

  4. spireite Silver badge

    You'll be tied and held hostage.

    I'm always looking to do things using cloud agnostic platforms. I don't want to be tied any one if them if possible.

    The biggest fight I have is when the uppers tell me to use something because it's part of the vendors 'stack' - for example Cosmos., or Azure Data Factory.

    There are plenty of cloud-agnostic ADF types out there. It's not even like ADF is cheap!!

  5. deidgoogguy

    Haha, love the enthusiasm! Silver badge, huh?

    Haha, love the enthusiasm!

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