back to article Windows driver woes trip AMD GPU owners, blind Arm-powered cameras

Microsoft is dealing with a couple of unrelated processor driver problems that are causing headaches for some Windows users. Redmond's Windows Update tool is automatically replacing the existing AMD GPU drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 11 with older versions, causing compatibility problems between the newly installed driver …

  1. cookieMonster Silver badge

    Ah Microsoft

    Is there anything they won’t fuck up??

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      Re: Is there anything they won’t fuck up??

      How about billing you for Azure? or Teams or Office?

      Like most companies, when it comes to filthy lucre they are on the ball. SatNad must get that new private Jet before the IRS takes the tax advantages away (/s)

      It really is about time that MS was sued for billions for the crappy software that they put out and charge companies for. How many trillions have been lost just this year to crap software especially in Azure uptime.

  2. dharmOS

    Re: which OEM to blame?

    Microsoft is the OEM for the Surface Pro X. Who do they blame now? The CPU supplier (Qualcomm) or the integrator (MS)?

  3. martinusher Silver badge

    There's this engineering rule, you see

    It goes something like this -- "If it works don't mess with it".

    I never cease to be amazed at the creative ways that companies like MSFT can take a more or less working product and upgrade into a non-functional PoS. It speaks volumes about their software development processes (or lack, thereof). Doesn't anyone ever test this crap?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: There's this engineering rule, you see

      I had an old W10 laptop where it decided to update the hardware drivers. The keyboard, touchpad, touchscreen and camera stopped working. No rollback option. They bricked it. And try fixing it when it's only got one USB port.

    2. ChrisC Silver badge

      Re: There's this engineering rule, you see

      Unfortunately, that rule only applies to the original engineer involved in creating the thing that works. Anyone else who comes along after them, or anyone else from a different team within the organisation (yes, sales and marketing, I'm thinking about you right about now...) is not beholden to that rule.

      Indeed, not only aren't they beholden to that one, they're instead beholden to the rule which states "if your name isn't on the design somewhere, ensure you make enough changes to it so that you can be credited with having worked on it and therefore justify your continued existence as an employee of the organisation..."

      As to your final point. Yes, anyone, and specifically everyone, does test this crap. We're all testers in this brave new world where companies see nothing wrong in pushing out updates left right and centre (and occasionally, just for good measure, up, down, spinwise and widdershins too...) and leaving it to their end users to shake down the sorts of show-stopping bugs that in the good old days would usually have been caught by the in-house testers without getting anywhere near a customer system. The internet has brought oh so many benefits to the world, the way it enables companies to shirk basic pre-release testing due to the ease with which patches can be distributed is not one of them however...

    3. ITMA Silver badge

      Re: There's this engineering rule, you see

      "It goes something like this -- 'If it works don't mess with it' "

      Windows 8 and the Metro user interface. The miriad of pointless changes in the UI of Windows 11 compared to 10.

      Fast Startup which breaks WOL on an awful lot of desktop machines (if enabled it ensures the power to the NIC is cut when shutdown - no power, no WOL).

      And that is just for starters.

  4. Ian.D

    not something new

    This has been an ongoing issue for at least a year and a half. Good that it's finally getting coverage, because it's not isolated. What I expect from MS, but responses from AMD have not been helpful, either. Only effective solution is to roll back or re-install Radeon drivers after each major windows update. Consensus is there's no effective way to prevent it happening on 11 'home edition' - I'll spare the details. That said, I only use my windows box for flight sim'ing at this point.

    1. ComicalEngineer

      Re: not something new

      In the early days of Win 10 new updates used to break all our office printer drivers.

      Colour me shocked that a M$ update can muck up its' own machines. [Not]

    2. HerrGerbrandt

      Re: not something new

      Yes, I had this problem half a year ago.

      I reinstalled the AMD provided driver and it didn't happen again.

      EDIT: AH, after rereading your post, I think I didn't do a major windows update since then..

      A little while ago though, Windows decided to install a driver for a wireless antenna which wasn't in the laptop anymore, because I replaced it after purchase. It was always listed in the "Optional updates" but sudden ly Windows decided it was essential??

  5. Lee D Silver badge

    Windows Update borking your drivers with their old outdated shitty "certified" ones?

    Gosh, that's never happened before!

    Once had some very expensive IBM BladeCenters where the Microsoft drivers just immediately bluescreen. Was never really fixed. You just had to make sure that you only ever stuck with the official IBM storage drivers, and didn't let Windows think it knew better.

    Top of the line enterprise hardware screwed by Microsoft only ever insisting on a near-10 year old driver by that point, despite official working drivers existing from the people who made the damn thing.


    Nothing new.

    Been having this crap with my laptop for YEARS. However I recently had this start happening to my desktop PC as well.

    Combined with how usable Linux is becoming with gaming, I really feel like completely dumping Windows at home now. My parents and aunts have mostly been converted to Linux successfully (as much as I hate Gnome, I gotta give them credit for being incredibly senior-citizen-friendly). Only reason I still have a Windows box is due to those games with anal kernel-level anticheat anyway.

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