back to article BlackByte ransomware crew lists city of Augusta after cyber 'incident'

BlackByte ransomware crew has claimed Augusta, Georgia, as its latest victim, following what the US city's mayor has, so far, only called a cyber "incident." In a Wednesday statement about the "network outage" posted on the city's website, Augusta Mayor Garnett Johnson said the "technical difficulties" – which disrupted some …

  1. Tron Silver badge

    How many decades and this is still happening?

    Improve your systems and train your staff, move your data offline airgapped to the net by carbon-based lifeforms, or switch to distributed systems that don't have the honeypots of data that makes you an attractive target.

    1. Dimmer Bronze badge

      Re: How many decades and this is still happening?

      Seen the blackbyte guys do a company. They had a smart guy get them in but the virus guys were morons.

      They did a slash and burn and required a bare metal restore of everything. No way in hell we’re they getting anything because there was no infrastructure to restore.

      In the old days, they encrypt the data and sell you the key. If you pay, you are back.

      They claimed they had data. Tough sh$1t. It was all public info anyway so still no money.

      I can only hope they could not pay their bill and got an ass kicking for it.

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