back to article SAP's cloud drive hits speed bumps with American users

SAP's drive to move customers to cloud-hosted and SaaS systems is not being matched by its flexibility and operational sophistication, the user group representing the Americas has told The Register. After a week in which SAP announced a slew of new features – with a heavy emphasis on generative AI, Americas SAP User Group ( …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AI with any amount of qualifiers is a whole lot of bull*&^% - From ANY vendor

    Been there, tried it and gave up.

    There are two opposing paradigms. SAP and ERPs manage process which requires customizations and extensions. AI needs discrete inputs and give outputs.

    Longer or more complex the process worse the AI guidance. In our case, evaluating the resume was great but managing rest of the recruitment process was a crap shoot. Same for managing demand from booking to shop floor to shipping and revenue recognition. Adding the customizations into the mix just made the SAP behave worse.

  2. sketharaman

    Brilliant Concern!

    "SAP historically has been a manufacturer of its software, not an operator of it. Its customer base is very savvy operators of SAP software, not good creators of it. When you do a RISE Cloud deal, you give operational control away to SAP, and you're not sure if SAP can do it equal or better than you."

    This is a brilliant concern about Cloud in general and SAP in particular. I've never heard a single customer articulate it in this manner. For vendors who have been providing managed ops of their software in addition to building it, this could be a huge competitive advantage over the SAPs and Oracles whose first tyst with operations is very recent - in the cloud era.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Brilliant Concern!

      Agree with this observation. To add to it, with approximately 20,000 ECC customers that have yet to transition to S4HANA, How could SAP ever manage all of these customers in the cloud in private tenants via the RISE 2027!! SAP does not have the capacity to support this.

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