back to article It's time for IT teams, vendors to prioritize efficiency; here's where they should start

Servers and storage account for the lion's share of datacenter power consumption, yet while bit barns put increasing pressure on local utilities and try the patience of local residents and regulators, the vendors responsible for these systems have shown little interest in doing anything about it. "In the face of limited power …

  1. Roland6 Silver badge

    “ It's just like a Tetras game where all the pieces have to fit together,"

    Sounds like an application for constraints-based orchestration, load distribution and scheduling (aka AI) across a server/system pool. I would have thought the cloud vendors would already be using such toolsets. however, like all management tools, I expect they will carry a hefty price which discourages take up…

    I got to the end of the article and realised the author et al didn’t have a solution they were trying to sell.

  2. CommonBloke
    IT Angle

    Obligatory "better code" comment

    Because half the computation many servers do is sift through garbage code, besides offloading part of that garbage processing to the end user's computer.

    1. TReko

      Re: Obligatory "better code" comment

      And inefficient languages like Python, Javascript and PHP

  3. Vern not Winston Smith

    Where have I heard this before?

    I never thought I was that old, but I do remember the vmware sales pitches about vm allowing us to move/migrate apps onto a system and run the cpu at a higher rate. I remember something about containers doing something similar. At the end of day, most system, even today in the big clouds still are spend most of their time at idle. I seldom hear anybody talk about job scheduling, unless it is an old mainframe. I only hear the app needs to be up 100% of the time. I don't really think most IT leaders really understand what it takes to build an app stack that is on-demand, leveraging lamba functions or whatever microservice your trusty cloud provider serves up. At a primitive, I don't really care (Yes, I failed sensitivity training). I have a job building and servicing data centers, so I should employeed for another few years. When you start the conversation at the building / cpu level, you are going to get building cpu answers. The answer TReko, should be the starting point for the conversation.

  4. 7teven 4ect

    Moores law done right

    Let's do things by halves. We all thought the graphics were fine in 1992. If we all demanded the same performance for half the cost and power every other 18 months, halving the rate of moore's law, we'd all be doing better and the graphics would like fine, like they did in 2007.

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