back to article AFRINIC warns members of fake news campaign, voting rights grab

The African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC), the continent's regional internet registry, has advised members of a misinformation campaign regarding elections it hasn't scheduled – and named internet governance lobby group the Number Resource Society (NRS) as the source. In a message shared with its community this month, …

  1. Xalran

    NRS trying to take over DNS ?

    Next NRS will try shenanigans with LACNIC, RIPE and ARIN...

    Since they failed taking over APNIC and are setting themselves to fail in AFRINIC....

    I guess there's somebody out there that wants to take control of the DNS resolution so that he can do as he see fit.

    1. -v(o.o)v-

      Re: NRS trying to take over DNS ?


      It's all about one individual at the helm of a company, name of which rhymes with "nawus", and his cronies, wanting to get their hands to more internet number resources in order to lease those on for profit.

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