back to article Intel says Friday's mystery 'security update' microcode isn't really a security update

False alarm: despite a patch notes suggesting otherwise, that mysterious blob of microcode released for many Intel microprocessors last week was not a security update, the x86 giant says. In an email Monday, an Intel spokesperson told The Register that microcode-20230512, which popped up on the manufacturer's GitHub page “does …


    Wonder which silicon boffin slipped in some fun exploit before they got the boot?

    Mine's the one with the tinfoil and the boot mark. On the back.

  2. IGotOut Silver badge

    Could be.. hell of a hole, so much so, they are pushing out updates before announcing the flaw.

  3. jollyboyspecial


    NA (rather N/A) has always meant Not Applicable in most contexts. Who decided this meant Not Available?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: NA

      Usage over dictionary entries is how language has always worked.

    2. Cybersaber

      Re: NA

      It can also mean North America, as in the release was region-specific. If you were going to change the designation, why not replace SA with NA or some other new code.

      A more cynical mind might conclude they wanted something pushed out for their own benefit, and used a false flag to get people who wouldn't otherwise accept the update to apply it.

  4. Cav Bronze badge

    "We now know it meant “not applicable,” Everyone with any education already knew it.

  5. anonymous boring coward Silver badge

    Perhaps the code was supplied by the NSA?

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