back to article MariaDB's Xpand offers PostgreSQL compatibility without the forking drama

MariaDB is previewing a PostgreSQL-compatible front end in its SkySQL Database-as-a-Service which provides a globally distributed RDBMS on the back end. Dubbed Xpand, the move is designed to appeal to users who manage their own PostgreSQL databases, as well as those with generic PostgreSQL-compatible DBaaS systems offered by …

  1. Dave559 Silver badge

    MySQL *still* ahead of MariaDB?

    "PostgreSQL is the fourth most popular database on ranking system DB Engines, behind Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft's SQL Server. It soars well above MariaDB, which sits in the 13th spot."

    That's kinda worrying that MySQL is allegedly still far ahead of MariaDB in terms of usage, given that most (all?) major Linux distros transitioned to MariaDB from MySQL as their preferred system a good few years ago now, and therefore you would assume that most "MySQL" databases are actually now running under MariaDB instead.

    Either there are a lot of legacy sites out there just gathering dust (or whose sysadmins have bought in to MySQL under Oracle (gulp), and are too terrified to try to change anything), or these "DB Engines" people, whoever they might be, are fluffing up their own 'statistics' with an inflated sense of self-importance (I mean, how would you know what DB system a site is running; they normally shouldn't be peekable from the outside world? (And, of course, not every database system is web-facing anyway.))

    1. yetanotheraoc Silver badge

      Re: MySQL *still* ahead of MariaDB?

      "how would you know what DB system a site is running; ...?"

      It's more about mentions.

      I bet a lot of mentioners say mySQL when they actually mean MariaDB.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So basically mentions could be related more to bugs or usage problems....

    Like one person asking 100 questions about how to do something, that people using PostgreSQL don't have to do...

    or the oracle "marketing machine" flooding the web with inane mentions of "MariaDB" /mySQL in an attempt to boost the ratings....

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