back to article West warns Malaysia to keep Huawei out of 5G networks

The Malaysian government has reportedly been warned against allowing Huawei a role in the country's 5G network rollout by the EU and US amidst continuing efforts to limit the influence of Chinese technology companies. It appears that envoys to Malaysia from both the US and EU have written to the government in recent weeks …

  1. VoiceOfTruth Silver badge

    The new colonialism

    Western countries telling other countries what to do. Malaysia should tell the USA and the EU to bugger off.

    1. Avon B7

      Re: The new colonialism

      Absolutely! Some African countries have publicly pushed back against US interference.

      The whole notion of 'clean' networks and 'trusted' suppliers is pure hogwash.

      Is there anything more untrustworthy and dirty than a network under US control. Words like PRISM, Shotgiant and CryptoAG immediately spring to mind.

      5G is a standard. An interoperable standard. At some point data from any carrier could flow over Huawei gear. It's been that way for decades and there has not been a single major breach. Huawei has laid and manages thousands of km of undersea cabling. The US command communications in Afghanistan ran over Huawei equipment.

      That, in spite of Huawei having to deal with over a million intrusion attempts per day.

      1. VoiceOfTruth Silver badge

        Re: The new colonialism

        -> The whole notion of 'clean' networks and 'trusted' suppliers is pure hogwash.

        That is the most truthful sentence written about network security that I have read in The Reg.

      2. Clausewitz4.0
        Black Helicopters

        Re: The new colonialism

        CryptoAG was really dirty CIA trick.

        I heard they had killed about 4 for fear they would expose it, before it actually blew up.

        Someone has to teach CIA/NSA/FBI/USA Gov a hard lesson.

      3. Casca Bronze badge

        Re: The new colonialism

        LMAO, like china doesnt have the same...

        Funny how you and Voiceoflies always is on the same side..

        1. Clausewitz4.0
          Black Helicopters

          Re: The new colonialism

          Maybe we both are being targeted by NSA tech, who knows...

          USA is the prime offender, others just try to keep updated.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't let China spy on your communications.

    Let the US do it.

    1. TheInstigator Bronze badge

      Re: Don't let China spy on your communications.

      How else do you expect freedom, truth, democracy, justice and the rule of law to propagate?

      Remember Jack Nicholson's "You can't handle the truth speech" - bad things need to happen to ensure freedom for all - it's a small but important price to pay

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        @TheInstigator - Re: Don't let China spy on your communications.

        I didn't detect any sarcasm in your post (my mistake) so I will ask you politely, are you joking ?

        1. TheInstigator Bronze badge

          Re: @TheInstigator - Don't let China spy on your communications.

          I'm being sarcastic as f***

  3. Avon B7

    "Washington ordered a halt on all American technology exports to Huawei as part of its ban on the sales of US goods to Chinese organizations earlier this year, which has deprived the company of components produced by leading technology suppliers such as telecoms chipmaker Qualcomm."

    I think that what you mean is certain US technology (not all) and even then exports are possible once a licence is obtained.

    That's why Qualcomm is supplying telecom gear to Huawei right now, just without 5G.

    1. TheInstigator Bronze badge

      I think it is pretty much all - Seagate has been fined heavily for making hard drives available in China - imagine all of them sitting on missiles en route to A N TARGET!!!!!!!!!

      1. Roland6 Silver badge

        >I think it is pretty much all

        Waiting for Intel to be fined…

    2. TheInstigator Bronze badge

      "That's why Qualcomm is supplying telecom gear to Huawei right now, just without 5G."

      Good! We don't want Huawei getting hold of 5G - they might make better equipment than everyone else and use it to spy on everyone!

  4. hoola Silver badge

    Global Policing.....

    Just what has the choices Malaysia make on their infrastructure go to do with the US?

    The only link I can see is that if they don't use Huawei, then they will probably buy US products.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Global Policing.....

      Or Ericsson kit, and the NSA have clearly shown they can invisibly install software on them that hides the the hack during the 2004 Greek watergate. It was only discovered because of a full clean memory dump sent by Vodafone to the vendor for analyse of a unrelated bug.

      1. TheInstigator Bronze badge

        Re: Global Policing.....

        This quote is quite prophetic "Tsalikidis had been planning for a while to quit his Vodafone job but told his fiancée not long before he died that it had become "a matter of life or death" that he leave" - kind of like Equalizer - Part 2!

      2. David Pearce

        Re: Global Policing.....

        The 5G incumbent is Ericsson.

        They were recently fined by the US for bribing in some neighbouring countries.

        Huawei are widely used in Malaysia on other networks

    2. Roland6 Silver badge

      Re: Global Policing.....

      Well if the US sanctions are being effective and have effectively shut down Huewei advanced silicon manufacturing capabilities, we do have to ask how Huawei are able to continue building 5G equipment in sufficient quantities for sale…

      1. Bartholomew Bronze badge

        Re: Global Policing.....

        ~20% of earth population is in China, they have a large home market. And China does make silicon wafers. Just use older larger parts. Most RF stuff does anyhow. And the latest bleeding edge silicon is mostly just used for CPU's.

  5. DenTheMan

    Rip them out!

    BT and others spentv100s millions on Huawei 4G and 5G.

    There seems to be a deadline to rip them all out at 3 tmes cost.

    1. TheInstigator Bronze badge

      Re: Rip them out!

      The cost in some shape or form will be borne by the taxpayer OR customers - not from the pay of politicians - so that's ok then

      1. Far out man
        Big Brother

        Re: Rip them out!

        Are you insinuating that politicians are not taxpayers. :-}

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Malaysia SHOULD install Huawei if they want a technically better & cheaper 5G solution that the USA's CIA/FBI and NSA have no ability to snoop with their backdoors.

    1. RAMChYLD

      In all honesty I don't care what they go with, as long as they allow any compatible 5G phone instead of only a handful of "tested and verified" ones like DNB is doing.

      I already have enough of DNB's shit - they won't let my ROG Phone 3 onto their 5G network because it's "untested" - code word that they want a free ROG Phone 3 from Asus before they'd allow my phone onto their 5G network. And because Asus no longer make ROG Phone 3s, that will never happen. Idiotically the ROG Phone 3 is internally similar to an Oppo Find X2 (same Qualcomm SoC), which they do allow.

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