back to article Stop OpenAI training its models on your chats by turning off history

OpenAI, the Microsoft-bankrolled outfit behind the chatbot star of the moment, ChatGPT, launched a feature on Tuesday that allows users to restrict the company from using text generated in their private conversations to train large language models. "We've introduced the ability to turn off chat history in ChatGPT," OpenAI …

  1. Grunchy Silver badge

    ChatGPT got Juice

    Chat GPT got to go on the Juice mission to Jupiter ‘coz it said it had the ‘greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission’ or whatever.

    CLASSIC butt-kissing sentience.

  2. ComputerSays_noAbsolutelyNo Silver badge

    Feed us your corporate data, we're not saving it for future use. Honestly.

    Yeah, but no.

  3. Peter Prof Fox

    Is there such a thing as unbiased?

    Should there be?

    I go to meetings and performances. It's afterwards discussing my take on what went on that I clarify for myself and others my position or response. "Billy shouldn't be in charge because he's as thick as two short planks and won't take advice." That sort of thing doesn't get put in anodyne minutes. (Or I get thrown out for drawing attention to the failure modes... Only to have people come up to me later apologising for not supporting me at the time.)

    Sometimes of course controversies don't lead to consensus. Nowadays I'm expected to counter '5G uses microwaves and the Earth is getting too warm' with a lecture series on physics... Which won't shut them up because 'how do I know'. In a world where rational and sensible is getting rarer, don't we need levels of 'bias' to be big guns to shut-up people who don't want to listen?

    1. Sceptic Tank Silver badge

      Re: Is there such a thing as unbiased?

      Yeah! Way to go! Confuse that LLM bot. Every little bit helps.

  4. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Altruism personified

    "launched a feature on Tuesday that allows users to restrict the company from using text generated in their private conversations to train large language models

    How generous and kindly of them. I'm probably old fashioned, but I was under the impression that a 'private conversation' was one that was not snooped on by anyone. That should be the default. Indeed it almost certainly is under European law (as if any of these behemoth corps gave a toss).

  5. LateAgain

    The Machine with no memory?

    Straight out of Person of Interest !

  6. steviebuk Silver badge

    What a loud of shit

    Its private chat it chatgpt should be fucking off by default. You shouldn't have to turn history to stop it grabbing the chats. There maybe a legal reason you have to leave history on so then surely MS have no fucking legal right to suck up chat history.

    We said chat history should be on by default for gsuite but was told no. I said it should be on to stop managers using it to bully their staff. Anyway, some months later HR ask for the chat history of two members of staff who were having an affair (what the fuck that has to do with the business was anyone's guess). We had the great pleasure of saying "No. We said chat history should be on by default but were overuled, so its off so there is no history of those two chatting".

    And the new company, they'd just suck up "Jesus fucking Christ. I told them to log a fucking ticket. Will they ever learn. Clearly fucking not. Oh and that other one, he's as thick as shit. Claimed I hadn't fixed the issue when I had and the new issue was completely fucking different. The fuck whit.". We love our rant chats.

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