back to article Don't get in a semiconductor 'doom spiral' – sector will be back with a bang in 2024

The outlook for the global semiconductor sector appears worse than feared, at least for the near future, with analyst Gartner now expecting to see revenue decline by 11.2 percent for 2023. Weakened demand is being compounded by an oversupply driving down chip prices, it said. According to the latest forecast, demand has …

  1. Korev Silver badge

    "semiconductor companies are also sitting on inventory waiting for it to go out the door, and it can take six to nine months for inventory to flush out,

    So you're saying they're chipping away at the inventory...

  2. Nifty Silver badge

    Why does a big Huawei banner ad flash up then disappear as I scroll this article on an Android tablet? I'd like to know whether what they're offering is legal in Honolulu.

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