back to article Google's AI chatbot Bard catches up to generating code

Bard, Google's AI-powered internet search chatbot, can now generate and help debug code in over 20 different programming languages. Users can instruct Bard to solve programming tasks and ask it to fix or explain snippets of code in C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, Typescript, as well as generating functions to analyse data …

  1. vtcodger Silver badge

    Chatbots are the future?

    Let me see if I have this straight. Chatbots generate code that compiles and they do so cheaply. They speak excellent English (or any other language they have been trained in?), do not test their work product very well (if at all), and lie a lot.

    I'm not sure what makes using them different from hiring an offshore programmer.

    Or an onshore programmer for that matter.

    Seems to me like we can tell purchasing to find us a chatbot. Then tell HR to fire the programming staff.

    Then we'll train the chatbot a bit then fire HR and purchasing.

    It's almost like we've automated Elon Musk... or most any other tech CEO for that matter. We can fire them too?

    This looks to be more entertaining than Devops or Cryptocurrency. I love technology. It's way more fun to watch than football. Or wrestling. Pass me another beer.

  2. Persona Silver badge


    You'll need to check outputs for accuracy

    Doesn't that translate to "you have to test the software"?

    Always a good idea.

  3. Roger Greenwood

    Slicer - Dicer

    Not sure that is a good name to be near "clinicians"....

  4. Ashto5 Bronze badge


    When I ask for a page that will take in customer details and store them in a db with unit tests and db build scripts and that WORKS then I am screwed.

    Otherwise IT consultant for hire to fix your AI output

    Software Janitor

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