back to article Huawei replaces ERP with homebrew effort, claims it’s perfect and shows company will thrive despite sanctions

Huawei has announced it created a homegrown ERP in just three years, and that the app now runs its entire business flawlessly. “We were cut off from our old ERP system and other core operation and management systems more than three years ago,” Huawei board member and the Quality, Business Process & IT management Department …

  1. sarusa Silver badge

    Sure, with stolen tech

    Sure, they built the perfect AI with the best tech stolen from other countries (like their space program). They're great engineers (improving existing tech - and their improvements in quantum communications are world leading), but terrible at developing fundamental technology. There's no way they could have built this from scratch on their own, so like 'their' linux, and 'their' database this is someone else's AI modified.

    But hey, as long as the country pours so much money and effort into technological / scientific espionage, it's true they can keep thriving on the latest borrowed tech.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Sure, with stolen tech

      Stealing the technology of Oracle ERP would be rather counterproductive. Think capacitor plague (caused by a stolen but miscopied formula, according to legend), except applied to business processes.

    2. martinusher Silver badge

      Re: Sure, with stolen tech

      Have you any idea how many people originally from China work in technology in the US? Somehow you're expecting me to swallow the notion that a Chinese person working in California is capable of feats of innovation while another Chinese person working in China is not, they're only capable of copying/stealing/whatever.

      FWIW We used to say exactly the same things about the Japnaese. "They're incapable of innovation, only copying". Its true that the Japanese copied our consumer electronics, motorcycles and cars in that they all had the same basic properties as their western counterparts but they wiped the floor with us because they were not afraid to innovate and were focused on what's important in a product. The Chinese are no different (within the parameters of a somewhat different culture), the main difference being that there's a great many more of them.

      A big part of our problems is caused by a racist mindset. A timely warning -- as goes China goes the rest of the world. There's a lot of smart people out there. We stand still, smugly assuming that because we were the first to industrialize or write software that we're the only people who can do it. We then wonder why the rest of the world just washes buy us --- it can't be because they're smart, motivated and hungry, its got to be because they're stealing from us. ( if they care.....)

      1. sten2012 Bronze badge

        Re: Sure, with stolen tech

        On the other hand though. Remember when Huawei were building an OS for their phones "from scratch" because of the Google issues? Then just wheeled out an indistinguishable AOSP build?

        May have been a lot of work in reality replacing Google services, but the real achievements were nothing close to the claims.

        They might have built this ERP from scratch, but I assume their claims are as exaggerated now as they were then.

        1. Avon B7

          Re: Sure, with stolen tech

          "indistinguishable AOSP"

          This is completely untrue and you are possibly taking your information from somewhere like the infamous ARS hitjob piece.

          The phone and tablet versions of HarmonyOS are based off of AOSP but have notable changes in areas like the network stack.

          Non-phone/tablet versions of HarmonyOS run off different kernels and contain over a thousand modules of self developed code. Not a trace of AOSP. But let's not forget Huawei contributes to that too. It is a major open source contributor. One of the latest additions to Android file system options was developed by Huawei.

          Also Huawei has brought many industry firsts to market so who are they stealing from? Could it have something to do with the billions it's ploughs into R&D every year? The fact that it remains one of the world's top patent filers?

  2. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Well, Simon .... ? Is the Future Orange Hued/Hewn/Pwnd?

    What does The Register/Situation Publishing think of the news and Huawei’s view? If/when true, is it without any shadow of doubt, both an Almost Practically Perfect* and Virtually Almighty Greater IntelAIgent Game Changer able to leave a Wild Wacky Wicked Western Way far behind in the past whilst an Exotic Erotic Esoteric Eastern Experience ploughs ahead in new furrows with the planting of seeds that deliver SMARTR Futures ITs Every Desire and Needs for Succulent AI Feeds?

    The Future is Bright, the Future is Orange and a Heavenly Apple of Red and Yellow and Green would not be extremely inappropriate for then in the here and now, methinks. What think thee, El Regers?

    * Almost Practically Perfect to prevent one falling into the honey traps that deliver one unbelievably insufferable and quite obnoxious .....

    Clearly here, as is evidenced in the above few words, is the news heartily welcomed and greeted with much more excitement than has ever been offered or warranted before recently because of the dire straits state of all previous recently marketed bankrupt and politically inept product promotions and failed project deliveries.

    :-) ...... If news were to escape, Simon, that AI wrote that Huawei builds its own AI, claims it’s perfect and shows it will thrive despite bans report for Situation Publishing, can you imagine the repercussions/consequences/opportunities such an action and utility can easily provide?

  3. Duncan10101

    The real accomplishment here

    ... is escaping from Oracle. I say "Well done!". I am ready for the downvotes ...

    1. MiguelC Silver badge

      Re: The real accomplishment here

      Huawei is in a particularly funny position regarding Oracle. As Oracle can't invoice Huawei because of sanctions what would happen if Huawei just continued to use Oracle DBs without paying? Surely Oracle would sue, but where? In the U.S., Huawei has no presence any more, and in China would it we even worth it?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: The real accomplishment here

        That's what Huawei most likely did, but rebadged it.

      2. Avon B7

        Re: The real accomplishment here

        Something similar happened with EDA tools. One off the record comment from a US EDA tool manufacturer said they would rather someone cracked their licencing code system than have a company like Huawei forced to brew their own solution and end up as a direct competitor in the EDA market.

    2. EricB123 Bronze badge

      Re: The real accomplishment here

      20 up votes and 0 down votes. So far, so good I'd say

  4. Missing Semicolon Silver badge

    ERP as moneypit

    It just proves that it is really possible to implement ERP yourself. There is no magic sauce in SAP, Dynamics, Oracle ERP or whatever. They are supremely expensive dinosaurs, so hard to integrate with your business processes it is no faster than designing and building in-house.

    1. martinusher Silver badge

      Re: ERP as moneypit

      Its the build/buy tradeoff again.

      Normally you'd just keep paying Oracle money because, well, it might be expensive but its not too expensive and you've got better things to do with your time than waste it reinventing the wheel and potentially disrupting your business. Then good old Uncle Sam does the disruption for you, the tradeoff is altered and you're stuck designing new software to do what is in absolute terms a fairly mundane set of tasks.

      The problem for Oracle is that any new clean room implementation is likely to be better than the original. Software, like everything else, acquires things that 'could be done better' or 'are not quite right'. A new implementation is likely to fix these resulting in a better product.

      Lost business.....

    2. arthoss

      Re: ERP as moneypit

      There is. We’ll see how this one is doing 5 years down the road. As workday already showed, and peoplesoft also, when you’re new it works. After that, delivering updates, supporting new functionalities, will it still be tenable, that operation? German things are great because of their culture: a dispassionate passion for technology. I doubt that China has the right culture, besides, their authoritarian regime tends to minimize innovation.

      1. Barry Rueger

        Re: ERP as moneypit

        German things are great because of their culture: a dispassionate passion for technology. I doubt that China has the right culture, besides, their authoritarian regime tends to minimize innovation.

        Nonsense. Any time spent in China quickly teaches you that as a population they not only love tech, they take it in directions that the West has barely considered.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    > Evoking ["Heroes Fighting to Cross the Dadu River"] means Huawei has associated its ERP development with a famous moment in Communist Party history

    I'm guessing Huawei's PR division choose *that* "famous moment" over "Hundreds of protestors massacred in Tiananmen Square" because they didn't want to follow in the latter's footsteps.

    1. jgarbo

      Except...the "hundreds" were unarmed troops massacred in Tiananmen Square by NED (CIA) thugs. And the brave student standing in front of the beastly tank? It was trying to leave!

  6. Tail Up


    Why not remove the Question Marx where removal is Tullamore?

    Still teaching the AIGents... painting #1 White on Green with the help of a Green Ruler


    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: RYG RGB and Remote Private Pirate Free Enterprise

      Changed days, these days with 0days to exchange and exploit, Tail Up. And such cannot be other than an extremely attractive and unbelievably rewarding failsafe business for JOINT AIDVenturers whenever rewriting and/or ignoring every sort of unnecessarily self-limiting rule.

      Nice to see you again. To see you nice.

  7. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    A Logical Quantum AI Progression for Hot 0days ‽

    Oh, and who’s to say any different, that upping the ante in future days has JOINT AIDVenturers not channeling their inner Microsoft Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish" (EEE) tendencies with a paralleling series of Exchange, Exploit and Explode Episodes (EEEE) for Checkmate, Game, Set and Match Great Game Players?

    A Fort Meade and Langley and Holywood Palace Barracks and Cheltenham Nightmare, if ever there was one, that’s for sure .... to name but just four competing Westernised agencies likely to be inconvenienced and tasked with saving themselves from derision and dissolution with a radical rebuilding of core values and systems in a totally different fundamental phorm for a revolutionary revised and devised Project ProgramMING for Global Operating Devices ..... which you should notice is not a question.

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