back to article Aurora exascale system gets 'mini-me' testbed for researchers

Researchers waiting to get their hands on the much delayed Aurora supercomputer at the US Argonne National Laboratory now have a new toy at their disposal, a mini-Aurora codenamed Sunspot. Sunspot is a two-rack test and development system equipped with 128 nodes of the same technologies that will power Argonne's Aurora …

  1. Lars Silver badge

    Not mentioned

    Not mentioned for many years is the OS, as it's always Linux, so lets leave it at that.

    1. David 132 Silver badge

      Re: Not mentioned

      Only because it doesn’t have a TPM 2.0 and so can’t run Windows 11 :)

      Just kidding. I have had some contact with the Aurora team at Intel and they are very, very smart people, working on optimizing it for climate modeling, protein folding, molecular simulation and all sorts.

  2. StargateSg7

    Quasar's Child - 10 YottaFLOPS Sustained - 128-bits Wide for each of Floating Point, Fixed Point and Integer - Northern British Columbia, Canada - We WIN!!!



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