back to article TSMC revenues slide for the first time in four years

TSMC has posted mixed results for calendar Q1, representing a fall in revenue when reported in US dollars, although some analysts say the company exceeded lowered expectations in the current economic climate. The world's largest semiconductor contract manufacturer, reported turnover of $16.72 billion, down 4.8 percent year-on- …

  1. Zolko Silver badge

    insurance against invasion

    The WSJ quotes TSMC chairman Mark Liu as saying that some of the conditions are unacceptable, and may deter chipmakers from taking part in US efforts to bolster its domestic semiconductor manufacturing capacity

    to be honest, I don't understand why TSMC would build fabs in the US at all. Or anywhere outside Taiwan actually.

    1. DS999 Silver badge

      Re: insurance against invasion

      Maybe they want to survive as a company in case the worst happens and China invades? Their customers certainly would feel less risk trusting them if they are more diversified as to location.

    2. pimppetgaeghsr Bronze badge

      Re: insurance against invasion

      Because the US will not want to go toe to toe with China if they invade. Even if they win it will be economic armageddon which may see them fall off the #1 spot like the UK in the early 20th century and first world war.

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