back to article Spyware slinger QuaDream’s reported demise may be the canary in the coal mine

Israeli spyware shop QuaDream is reportedly shutting down due to financial troubles. The vendor was last week named by Citizen Lab as the source of a hacking tool being used by governments against journalists, dissidents, and advocacy groups. The reported closure of the little-known nine-year-old company likely won't reduce …

  1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    If the Online Safety [sic] Bill gets approved there may be a UK market for such S/W as it may become mandatory.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    More misdirection in El Reg......

    Dear readers:

    NSO and QuaDream are NO LONGER A THREAT! Relax.....your Apple iPhone is now A MUCH SAFER PLACE!

    Whether this misdirection is true or not.........that does not mean that the NSA, GCHQ,.....and multiple other spooks have stopped reading EVERYTHING you do online!

    ....not to mention FB, those Amazon accounts..........and so on............

    This particular AC wonders about these news items...."QuaDream is reportedly shutting down"...."Israel likely getting pushed by other countries to put a shorter leash on NSO".......

    Who says? Is it true?

    .....or does the usual beat just go on......spooks spying on EVERYONE using the inteweb?

    P.S. Please consider whether this post is created by ChatGTP......mimicing another AC.....or maybe it's a long time AC IN PERSON!!! Difficult times!!!

    1. druck Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Re: More misdirection in El Reg......

      Please consider whether this post is created by ChatGTP

      I'm pretty sure this isn't Artificial Idiocy, but the genuine article.

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