back to article India smacked for illegal tech import tariffs that hurt buyers and exporters everywhere

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has delivered a damning verdict on India’s tech import tariffs, ruling they’re out of order and must end. The European Union asked the WTO to consider India’s practices way back in 2019, when it complained [PDF] that India charged duties on “certain goods in the information and communications …

  1. DS999 Silver badge

    Apple is slowly trying to disentangle their manufacturing from China

    It will take many years due to the size of their supply chain, but they seem to have targeted India as one of the prime beneficiaries. But given that India seems to be rapidly tilting towards autocracy, and now friendship with Russia, they may become just as politically unpalatable as China before long - if not even more unpalatable.

    If they start supporting Russia's economy Apple may be forced to think twice about trying to move more of their manufacturing/supply chain to India than is necessary to serve the Indian market. Hopefully they learned their lesson about putting too many eggs in one basket and won't risk doing the same thing with India they did with China.

    If Ghandi were still alive he'd feel a lot of shame for the direction his country has been taking as of late.

  2. NeilPost Silver badge

    Flouting World Trade

    “Flouting world trade rules to give local players a leg-up is on-strategy for USA.”


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