back to article Tencent Cloud says it's mass producing custom video chips

Chinese social media, cloud, and entertainment giant Tencent on Monday revealed that it has started mass production of a home brew video transcoding accelerator. The announcement comes nearly two years after the company unveiled a trio of custom chips designed to accelerate everything from streaming video to networking and …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "just four milliseconds"

    4 milliseconds isn't exactly fast for a _single_ 1080p frame.

  2. Groo The Wanderer Silver badge

    Oh, boy, transcoding video. Surely that will have the likes of NVidia and ATI quaking in their boots. After all, the internet just LIVES to transcode videos. *LOL*

  3. Detective Emil

    Chinese copy

    YouTube/Google was doing just this a couple of years ago. [Ars Technica: I don't think El Reg covered this story.]

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